Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time


Industrial factory building
July 14, 2021 By Staff

Health and safety are naturally a large part of the food production process. As a result, certain processes need to be followed, although many start-ups in the industry might be overwhelmed by them. If you’re entering the food industry, then you might have heard … Read Article »


Illustration of a shield surrounded by internet and computer icon
July 14, 2021 By Staff

Manufacturers and sellers run the risk of losing revenue when customers fail to pay. This could be due to an oversight or financial situation such as bankruptcy that prevents them from fulfilling their obligations. When this happens too often, your business suffers. Thankfully, there … Read Article »

People Skills

Smiley faces showing happy, sad and non-plussed faces
July 14, 2021 By Sweta Sharma

The general notion that we observe in terms of branding is very simple. It can be stated as “Build a good brand, and others will surely buy it.” Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are following this simple statement for their company to possess a good image … Read Article »


Illustration of digital chiropractor marketing
July 13, 2021 By Anthony Vought

If you’re a chiropractor and you’re already actively marketing your practice, you’re on the right track. Even when your efforts to promote your business are limited to traditional techniques like broadcast, print, outdoor ads, phone, and direct mail, you’re still getting the word out … Read Article »


Illuminated bollard
July 12, 2021 By Staff

Quite a few business owners are realizing how beneficial bollards can be for their company premises. If you’re on a main road, then they can provide protection from any potential car accidents. They can also help with traffic flow, parking, and much more. That … Read Article »


Illustration of aspects of social media
July 12, 2021 By Matt Casadona

A social media strategy should be a well-thought-out plan that guides the entire process from beginning to end. Whether you’re looking to attract users, increase engagement, craft valuable posts, or convert followers into customers, you must detail all of your goals. … Read Article »

Well Being

Pile of rocks on top of each other showing balance
July 9, 2021 By Staff

If you’re tired of feeling stressed out every day, it’s time to change that. And what better way to make a change than to overhaul your lifestyle? By doing so, you’ll have a chance to completely reorient your approach to life and the things … Read Article »


Illustration of marketing business strategy items
July 9, 2021 By Staff

Marketing your products or services is tough. And in a competitive online landscape, it often feels tougher than it ever has done before to stand out and get things right. Winning over customers and grabbing people’s attention isn’t easy. And we’re going to talk … Read Article »


Overhead view of a woman working on laptop and sketching on a tablet
July 7, 2021 By Staff

Thousands of us are working from home. While some businesses will be preparing to welcome employees back, home working is set to become more popular in the years ahead. If you spend most of your time at home, and you’re keen to boost productivity, … Read Article »