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Forget New Years, Create A Life Of Resolutions

Forget New Years, Create A Life Of Resolutions

Forget New Years, Create A Life Of Resolutions Staff
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Resolutions are everywhere come the New Year, and often nowhere to be seen come June, which is the big problem with them. When we create windows in which to fulfil our resolutions, we’re limiting how much we can change our life. Here, we’re going to look at how to break from the cycle by doing away with the time limit and by creating a resolution-driven life, instead.

Create a promise to yourself

It can be hard to look at your ideal self and ask yourself what kind of person you really want to be, as it means taking a close look at your faults. However, it’s also about recognising your potential and capacity for change. Writing down a promise of what you’re going to do and who you’re going to become and putting it by your morning to read each and every day can give you the motivation to sincerely try.

Identify improvements that you can make

Start with the positive building blocks that you can put together. Are you investing in your health enough? Could you try meditation, a new approach to fitness, or make a small change to your diet? Could you learn a new skill or try a new hobby? Think of positives to add to your life and break it down into little steps how you’re going to implement them.


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Identify your habits

Next, you need to think of self-imposed negatives you can remove from your life. Perhaps you eat too much sugar and need to find healthier snacks to replace it. Or, if you want to give up smoking, you can try alternatives from places like Grey Haze. Find your habits and do some research in those most successful ways of breaking free of them and break it down into steps rather than simply charging in without a strategy.

From Passion To Profit

Develop your curiosity and empathy

We are, in part, who we are due to our connections with the other people in our lives. As such, resolutions that create those connections and help us build empathy with our fellow man are some of the most valuable. Sites like Meetup can help you find the opportunities to build those connections and joining as a new face into a new group can help you overcome the fear of judgement that often comes with building relationships.


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See how far you’ve come

Don’t get stuck on what you haven’t done or what you haven’t overcome yet. That can be your motivation, but your achievements are the fuel that keeps you going. Writing down your achievements every day can help you see what positive changes you have made and what resolutions you’re succeeding in. Reward yourself for your successes.

The most important thing about a resolution-driven life is that you have to learn to not be afraid of failure. You will stumble, you will likely fall back on bad habits, or skip a day at the gym. The important thing is that you’re always looking at what you can improve and what you can achieve, so you have the motivation and momentum to pick the back up and keep running.

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