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Office Visitors: Ensuring a Memorable Visit

Office Visitors: Ensuring a Memorable Visit

Office Visitors: Ensuring a Memorable Visit Staff
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If you’re going to grow your business, then you’ll need to work with other people and companies, who will help to take your company to the next level. Before you can get into the work aspect of the arrangement, however, you’ll need to meet with them. You’ll need to put your best foot forward. If they’re coming to your office to meet with you, then you’ll be able to show them what you’re all about — but showcasing the inner workings of your office isn’t all that it’ll take to impress them. You need to make sure the overall visit leaves them impressed, too. Below, we take a look at a few ways to do this.

Handling Logistics

The impression they have of your company won’t be formed when they walk through the door. It’ll be formed in the weeks, days, and hours running up to the meeting. If you’re going to invite someone to visit your premises, then make sure that you’re taking control and making everything run as smooth as possible. Don’t leave the logistics up to them, especially if they’re visiting from out of town and are unfamiliar with the area. Provide information that they’ll find useful, and consider sending a car to pick them up.

Be Prepared

You could have the swankiest office in the world, but it’ll count for nothing if you’re not prepared for the meeting. You’ll make an impression, but it won’t be a positive one — it’ll look like you’re more show than action. When you know someone’s visiting, make sure you’re ready to receive them, including any print outs and technical details you’ll need. You’ll also want to triple check that the room you’ll be meeting in is clean and empty of other personnel well in advance of their arrival so that you can get going with the meeting promptly.

Snacks and Drinks

We’re all just animals at heart. During the visit, make sure you make coffee, tea, and snacks available to your guest. They might not touch them, but it’s better to have them there rather than to have your visitor suffer through with hunger or thirst. Plus, people are generally happier when they’re well-fed and watered, which is the state of mind you want them to be in when they’re in your company.

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Free Swag

Who doesn’t love an unexpected gift? When they leave your office, you can make sure that your company is in their hands as well as their mind by sending them home with some free swag. Have some branded goods made at Dynamic Gift, and put together a little goodie bag for them to take when they leave. It could include a hat, tote bag, drink bottle, for example — whatever best reflects your brand.

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Personal Touches

Finally, make sure you’re bringing a touch of the personal to proceedings. It doesn’t have to be all business! Ask about their plans, family, and other friendly topics as you’re walking them out. They’ll leave with a positive view of your company and you as a person.

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