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Office Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Bright open plan office with pine desks and flooring

Office Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

The workforce is officially sick and tired of working out of a cubicle. After working from home for 2 years, many workers are looking forward to getting back into the office—with exceptions. They want an attractive space that’s comfortable, functional, and sanitary.

Here are a few decor trends and luxury office upgrades that will take your money-making space to the next level (and keep your employees happy).

Modern Goes Art Deco

In all areas of interior design, mid-century modern has remained king. But now, we’re seeing a shift in style towards something closer to Art Deco. Warm walnut and maple wood tones are replacing white-washed “farmhouse” grays. The new trend is to add texture. Rich mustard or orange paints, and navy and gem tones are replacing the “all-white everything” office look.

Bright white certainly isn’t going away, but people are gravitating towards warm wood tones to prevent austerity. Clear plastic chairs are being replaced by practical, comfortable office chairs, and office designers are avoiding plain colors like white and black or pastel tones like mint.

Industrial styled office

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Flexible Setups for Sanity

After two years of working from home, folks have had plenty of time to experiment with their home office setup. Thanks to Zoom meetings, the home office is no longer a place for random storage totes, piles of craft supplies, and unorganized junk mail.

Workers are tidying up their workspaces, at home and at the office! They want organizing systems that are portable and attractive. The desks are minimalist and elegant for better workflow. People are willing to spend more money on quality furniture. And they want flexibility with their furniture set up.

Face the window or turn away from it? Sit with your back to the door or facing the door? Stand up to type or sit on the sofa? Once you decide the perfect flow, add a couple plant friends and you’ll be ready to hit your income goals for 2022.

Home office with standing desk Photo by ergonofis via Unsplash

Lighting Is Everything

Thanks to social media, people are more conscientious about lighting. Shun the ghastly overhead warehouse lighting and embrace natural light! No more ugly ceiling fans from the 90s, either. Replace those bad boys with a simpler design. Grab a chic lamp that will accentuate your new velvet chesterfield and take some inspiring pics for your brand’s photo session.

Portable Workspaces For The Win

After being cooped up for 2 years, people are stir crazy. Vacations, work trips, family reunions… they’re loading up the SUV and going on road trips! With so many millennials freelancing, the portable office industry is huge right now. Turn your trunk into a file cabinet. Zoom in the back seat of your car with a portable LED light to capture your good side.

With a good data plan and a laptop, you can put money in the bank all morning and spend your evenings roasting marshmallows with the kids under a starry sky by a river. Or drive across the country to help your sister-in-law, who just had a baby, sort laundry and load the dishwasher. Either way, you’ll love the freedom of being able to work anywhere.

Emphasis On Form And Function

No matter how you set up your office space, the theme of 2022 is blending aesthetics and functionality. Your work environment should enhance your productivity and make you and your staff feel better about getting the job done. Take these trends and make them your own!

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