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No Net Today: 5 Productive Things to Do in Your Office When the Internet Is Down

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No Net Today: 5 Productive Things to Do in Your Office When the Internet Is Down

Although it may seem like the internet going down is a sign from above that you should take it easy, you’d be missing some excellent productive opportunities if you did. Interpret an internet outage as a blessing. There are so many things you may have forgotten about when you were lost in a maze of emails, posts, and digital customer service. You’re still in the office, you still have work to do, and you don’t need an internet connection to keep the ball rolling.

1. Get Your Office Organized

How long has it been since you’ve cleaned everything? Really, truly, down and dirty, deep cleaned everything? Do you have a coffee ring on your desk? If your PC full of dust? Are all your pens and highlighters laying about in no particular order? Set yourself up for success by clearing away the junk. You finally have an excuse to go buy all of those neat organizer gadgets you’ve always wanted. If you optimize your work station now, can you imagine how much more productive you’ll be when the internet finally kicks back on?

2. Tend to Things You’ve Been Putting Off

Sometimes, offline tasks are even more important than online tasks. Think about the security of your workplace. There are always emerging threats to business cybersecurity, and many workplaces are underprepared for them. Can you take this time to make offsite backups? Do you have any files to shred or delete? Have you updated your disaster plan lately? When you finally do get back online, the data of all your customers or clients will be a lot safer. Don’t forget to schedule updates for your antivirus software while you’re at it.

3. Contemplate Your Career Trajectory

If there’s not much to do offline, focus on yourself. Investing in yourself can help you become better in both your personal and professional lives. Review your work over the years to see how you’ve improved. Contemplate feedback from your bosses. Think about where you’re headed in your current career track, and make a plan to get there. If you have a performance review around the corner, make sure you’re prepared for it. You can also tend to other areas of personal betterment – maybe take a walk to go get a healthy lunch as an act of self-care.

4. Have an In-Person Meeting

Many offices rely too heavily on technology. How many apps or software programs for team collaboration do you really need when everyone is in the same building? Rather than exchanging virtual notes from your desks, meet up in person. Sit at the same table and focus on new ideas. Take out the whiteboard and strategize for a successful project. Get all hands on deck and work with pens and paper – after all, that’s how most successful businesses were established in the pre-internet age. Even if you only use the meeting as a status check to assure everyone is on the same page, it’s a valuable use of your time.

5. Focus on Team Building

Being without the internet can sometimes feel like being lost in the wilderness, minus the campfire. Why not start a metaphorical campfire? How long has it been since you’ve gotten to know your coworkers? There’s no reason why you can’t play fun games or socialize about work appropriate topics. Team bonding is an important element of workplace success. The better you know each other, the better you’ll work together. Take out the dusty board games in the break room and have some fun. Better yet, leave the office to go get pizza together. Build strong bonds so everyone can win together – and perhaps release some stress in the process.

As long as you manage to keep yourself busy with something important, you’re likely to forget that your internet connection is out. Focusing on the tangible people and things in front of you can help you meet your goals and slay the day, whether or not your WiFi signal is full.

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