How You Can Reduce Shoulder Injuries At Your Workplace


Ergonomic Injuries are the most common type of injuries that one may come across in a workplace. And that’s due to maintaining “one” posture throughout the working hours. Yes, it can be dangerous and be the ultimate cause of your shoulder injury or other discomforts. In this artice we look at how you can reduce the likelihood of a shoulder injury.

How You Can Reduce Shoulder Injuries At Your Workplace
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Ergonomic Injuries are the most common type of injuries that one may come across in a workplace. And that’s due to maintaining ‘one’ posture throughout the working hours. Yes, it can be dangerous and be the ultimate cause of your shoulder injury or other discomforts.
Working at a construction site often crosses one’s mind when they hear about a shoulder injury due to it being labor intensive. However, a simple desk-job can be as demanding as a construction job since it requires you to remain glued to a screen for about 6-8 hours. And that is where things go haywire!

Sitting for hours and using that mouse can be draining, folks. It takes a toll on your muscles and you need to be careful about that. It is an established fact that sedentary work environments tire muscles in your body and it is important to work on this to prevent it from happening.

Now how do you do that? Well, it is a million dollar question which we will answer right here!

Resistance Training

Resistance Training, being another word for weight training can help you achieve an increment in muscle strength, tone, mass or endurance, against a weight or force. It will help you in building your stamina and improve your postures combined with the reduced risk of injuries. It teaches you a great deal regarding pain management and contributes quite a lot to the enhancement of performing the daily tasks. Also, this training can lead you to have an increased flexibility and balance, securing your future well-being as well.

Keep An Eye On Your Postures

Make sure you sit correctly. Yes, pay an extra bit of attention to that! The thighs should be parallel and your back must be supported. The feet should be flat on the floor and shoulders be relaxed. If you’re standing, then stand straight and not in a posture which is droopy.

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You need to maintain a correct posture if your job involves sitting for prolonged periods in front of a computer. Incorrect posture will result in some muscles overused and others weakened leading to a frozen shoulder and other similar joint conditions.

Switch Positions

It is only natural for fatigue to drive in if you continue to sit or stand in one posture. If you slouch or just resort to postures which are actually awkward and the ones which can strain your body, here is the key. Change your position.

Yes, it is as easy as that and no rocket science! If you had been sitting for an hour, consider standing for a minute. This would kill that discomfort which has been coming in. Similarly, a little walk in the office won’t hurt.

Stretch It Out

Stretching is beneficial as it increases flexibility and incorporating it in throughout the day other than the workout regime can fortify the postures. Through stretching the muscles of the back and shoulder, you actually relax those knots building within your body due to constant working. This reduces the need to slouch as your body gets its due dose of rest and functions as it must.

From Passion To Profit

Give Yourself A Break

Amidst hectic work schedules and meeting the deadlines, do not forget that your body has a limited capacity, and it needs a fair share of rest. Therefore, take ample breaks in between and stretch or walk around your office or cabin as suggested earlier above. The breaks you take not only relax you but also boost you mentally. Make sure you take a 30-second break every 30 minutes.

What Are Your Habits Outside Work?

There are things you don’t pay heed to but in reality, they end up affecting your overall health. For example, post work when you head home and sit in front of the television after sitting the entire day in the office. It is bound to strain your muscles.

Similarly, a new high-intensity workout you have inculcated in your routine can trigger joint pain. Therefore, it is important to monitor your habits outside the workplace to determine what the real cause of discomfort in the shoulder is and take an appropriate action.

Evaluate Your Workspace

The first thing you must consider is how your working table is set. It should coincide with your elbow as you sit. Other than this, your computer should and must be within arm’s length so that the screen is in accordance with your eye level.

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Besides this, ensure that the things you might need are within your reach. Constant twisting or extending your muscle beyond its capacity can prove hazardous.

Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair is in complete contrast to a traditional chair and is ideal for people who sit for hours. While working, it is imperative to have this chair as it is designed to cater to the parts of the body which are bound to get stressed while working. It is adjustable and has everything that a traditional chair does not; it has both head and backrest.

Seek Help

It is human nature to ignore the first occurrence of pain and avoid consulting a medical expert but that is the worst mistake. The moment you feel something is not right, consult your GP. What’s interesting is that most practitioners have now combined their practice with telemedicine which means you can contact them using your smartphone or laptop.

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