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How To Turn Your House Into A Real Family Sanctuary

How To Turn Your House Into A Real Family Sanctuary

How To Turn Your House Into A Real Family Sanctuary

Do you often find yourself dreaming about a relaxing family holiday with tidy hotel rooms, spa treatments and comforting ambiance? Having a family holiday is a great experience, but it can be quite costly. So, if you can’t bring your family to a sanctuary like that, bring the sanctuary to you! Here are some of the easiest ways that can turn your home into a perfect family nest.

Reduce clutter

Did you know that spending time surrounded by clutter can have a negative effect on your family? It can cause stress, anxiety, mood changes and inability to relax and focus. However, just by removing some of the unnecessary things from your home, you can reduce that stress, achieve the feeling of peace, boost the aesthetics of your space and even save some money (if you organize a yard sale). Pay special attention to your bedrooms. Removing clutter from sleeping spaces can improve your sleep and the sleep of your kids.


Cozy up your living room

The living room is where families spend the most time together, watch TV, play games or just hang around. So, if you want to make those moments even more precious, make sure your living room is comfy and inviting. The key element to this is a cozy and soft couch that will simply call your names. If you have young children, they will love big armchairs or lazy bags (mix these with a warm blanket and hot cocoa for the ultimate sanctuary feel). And if you want to have a soft place to play with your kids, getting a fluffy rug will do the trick.


Create a spa-like experience

There’s nothing better after a long day than having a nurturing spa experience. This is great for the parents and the kids, since baths have an amazingly relaxing effect on the human body. But, of course, there’s no real spa experience without cozy baths. Opt for a bathtub model that is durable (this is very important if you have kids) and spacious enough to provide you with a good soak. The natural color palette and soft towels can further improve the experience. For a little extra luxury, you can invest in radiant floors that will make those winter spa sessions even more comfortable!


Welcome nature into your home

Going green can really help create that distinct sanctuary feeling in your home. Plants have an especially beneficial effect, since the presence of greenery can increase mindfulness and perception, boost your energy levels and improve your mood. Also, bring in some items made of natural materials. Think wool throws, wooden decoration and stone accents. These will help you and your family get closer to nature even when you’re spending time indoors.


Boost relaxing smells and sounds

Another way to improve the sanctuary feel of your home is to introduce relaxing sounds and smells, especially in places that get a lot of traffic. Fill your living room with soothing music that will provide you with just the right amount of background noise to find it comfortable yet be soft enough to allow relaxation (classical or instrumental work best). Certain smells can also have a beneficial effect on your home’s inhabitants. Essential oils like lavender, chamomile, cedarwood and bergamot all have the ability to melt stress, improve mood and make you have the sweetest and monster-free dreams.


Bring your outdoor space to life

One of the best ways to relax at home and spend some quality time with your family is to venture outside and enjoy your backyard. Don’t hesitate to go big with your outdoor sanctuary, because you’re going to use it a lot (especially if you live in a hot climate). Get some comfy seating with lush pillows, plenty of blankets, an outdoor rug for feet comfort and enjoy the warm summer nights with your loved ones. You can also make a fire pit for roasting marshmallows or get a water feature that will attract birds and create super relaxing nature sounds. Creating an outdoor sanctuary is very important, since it can make kids go outside, get some fresh air and learn to respect and enjoy nature, even if it’s just outside their living room.


With just a few tweaks, your home can become a family sanctuary that offers maximum comfort and relaxation you’ve always dreamed about.

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