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Kitchen Nook Designs To Keep Your Family Organized

Kitchen Nook Designs To Keep Your Family Organized

Kitchen Nook Designs To Keep Your Family Organized

No matter how much you love spending time preparing meals for yourself, your family, and friends, you know that things can sometimes get out of hand. It’s difficult to stay organized when you have a lot of things going on at the same time, and in the kitchen that’s usually the case. If you’re struggling with keeping your kitchen neat and organized, we give you a few useful tips that will help you keep things in order.

Additional cabinet storage

Cabinets are the best for string things, but they are also a source of frustration because we tend to cram everything inside and then have a hard time finding what we actually need. Luckily, you can do a few things to get more storage space in your cabinets: these savvy organizers will provide you with twice as much surface space. You can use it to store pretty much anything, from dishes and bakeware to food storage containers. You can also try placing a simple towel bar in your cabinets and use it to hang cleaning supplies there. Not only will this save a lot of space, but you will be able to find and take out the bottle you need when you’re in a hurry.

Use see-through containers

A great part of kitchen chaos can be contributed to food: food storage containers everywhere, leftovers in Tupperware, and baskets of fruit are certainly making your kitchen look like a mess. Not just that, but the containers are always mismatched, which makes the impression even worse. You can restore order in your kitchen simply by using a few types of food storage containers which will allow you to save a lot of space in your cupboards. Rectangular or square ones are the best because they stack up well, and if you get glass containers they can be moved from fridge to microwave and into the dishwasher without much fuss.

Built-in appliances

Appliances are necessary in every kitchen, but the big debate is whether you should use freestanding or built-in ones. If you’re already struggling with available space and staying organized, the latter option is right for you. Elegant built-in Electrolux dishwashers, microwave ovens, refrigerators and work-top air fryers are great because they can fit in wonderfully and don’t take up too much of your space. You will also notice that it’s easier to clean and move around when you don’t trip over appliances. You might even be able to order and install custom door panels that will allow you to ‘hide’ your fridge from view, thus making your kitchen look even bigger.


Hooks are your friends

Hooks are the best because they allow you to use the space you wouldn’t be able to reach and where shelves simply wouldn’t fit. Removable adhesive hooks can be placed inside cabinet drawers and you can use them to hang pans and sifters. Also, if you place hooks on the underside of upper cabinets, you can hang measuring tools within reach but they won’t be in the way when you’re preparing food. Hang your canvas shopping bags on the inside of the door, hang your broom and mop, as well as your scissors, oven mitts, and coffee mugs. Mugs are especially tricky as their shapes and handles take up a lot of space in cabinets and drawers, so hanging them on hooks is the easiest solution.


Pull-out drawers

Pull-out drawers in cabinets can really change your life for the better because they will maximize the available storage space, provide you with easier access to things you’ve stored, and simplify your cleaning routine. What is more, children will be able to reach everything they need without making a mess or calling you to help them. The best thing is that you can actually use every square inch of available space you have, including those narrow spaces between the fridge and the counter you never thought about.


It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is big and spacious or rather small, you will certainly benefit from making it a bit more organized and neat. Some of these things you can do yourself over the course of a single weekend, so don’t hesitate to give it a try. After all, you will notice that everyone in the family will find their way around the kitchen better after you’ve made these small improvements.

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