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How To Make Your Company More Eco-Friendly

How To Make Your Company More Eco-Friendly

How To Make Your Company More Eco-Friendly Staff
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With such a growing emphasis on our global climate, companies are feeling the pressure to make themselves more eco-friendly, which is rightly so. We’re all responsible for contributing to our environment, and a difference can be made by changing how you run your business. Here’s how to make your business more eco-friendly.

Cut Down On Waste

Waste is a big problem in many households and businesses all over the world. We waste so much that landfill sites are fast being filled up as they struggle to cope with the amount of wastage that’s produced. There are plenty of ways that you can reduce waste within the business. A couple of suggestions would be:

Recycle Old Electronics And Printer Cartridges – These can be very harmful to the environment, so it’s important to get rid of them the right way. A lot of companies will offer to recycle old electronics for free and only charge for proper destruction of anything that has confidential information on it. Printer cartridges can usually be disposed of via the supplier of the cartridges.

Recycle Plastic And Food Waste – Having a good system when it comes to your waste disposal is useful and it should be clearly displayed in all your kitchens for the staff members to follow. Have separate bins for general waste, plastic, and other recyclable material and one for food waste. That way, you’re hitting all ways of sorting through waste.

Whether you are encouraging recycling in a takeaway business or in an office space, it’s possible for any type of business you have.

Replace Appliances That Have High Energy Usage

Running a business can be costly, especially if you’re open for most of the day. Some appliances can be more power-hungry than others, and that can end up big bills and a bigger carbon footprint for your business. So, look at your appliances and see how much energy each one is using. There are plenty of devices out there that have the ability to pinpoint what’s making up the most of your energy bills. If you have the budget to invest in some more appliances then it’s definitely worth upgrading your equipment, whatever it is.

Every time you come to replace a new appliance, make sure you consider the efficiency of it.

Encourage Staff To Green

As a business, you should be setting an example, but you should also encourage your staff to go green. If you are based in a city, it may be worth encouraging your staff to use cycling as a method of transport instead of driving or commuting via public transport. Riding a bike can also improve cognitive function, help you sleep better and also is a lot more affordable. You can also encourage them to be more conscious around the workplace by using fewer office supplies like paper and other stationery. It might be worth spending some time to teach your staff about going green and ways they can be more energy efficient both in work and in their personal life.

You may also want to consider providing incentives for being energy efficient within the workplace. Employees like to be rewarded, so give them an excuse to help improve the environment they work in.

Consider Going Digital

A lot of businesses are embracing technology and therefore going digital is something that can save a lot of money but is also cost effective for a business. Going digital is also beneficial from a security point of view. Traditionally, we print documents and store them within the workplace. However, instead of wasting ink and paper, we can now save our documents on servers that are protected can be encrypted with passwords to add a new level of security that we don’t get with traditional filing.

Add Some Nature

Indoor plants are great for promoting a cleaner workplace, and they also create a happier atmosphere. You might also want to consider adding some plants and shrubbery to other parts of the office space to help filter pollution. If you plant trees outside, these will also help keep the office cool thanks to the shade it creates. They produce oxygen, which improves the air quality which is something essential to your employees. Nature helps to improve the appearance of your workplace too, so it’s a win-win situation.

Making your business eco-friendly is certainly important and the bigger you are, the more you should be doing to make sure that your impact on the environment is as minimal as it can be.

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