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How To Look After Your Dog When Working From Home

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When working from home there are several things you can do to ensure your dog is as comfortable as possible and doesn’t become lonely or bored. With a little forward planning and the right approach, you will be able to work happily with your dog by your side. Just follow our simple tips below:

1. Playtime… If You Can

Playing games with your dog (or dogs) will not only keep them occupied but also tire them out for when it comes to naptime. If you cannot physically play with them yourself, consider using an automatic ball launcher to keep the fun going.

2. Ditch The Crate

Most dogs will feel more comfortable and relaxed if they aren’t confined to a crate unless it is absolutely necessary. This means keeping your dog in sight at all times, even when you need to leave them alone for a short period of time or go into another room. Obviously, this isn’t always easy but some dogs are surprisingly good about it – as long as they’re trained properly! However, others can become distressed by being separated from their guardians, which is where some people struggle with working from home. If this sounds like something that could be an issue then you may want to consider hiring someone to come into your house several hours each day, until you manage to work full-time.

3. Regular Breaks & Cleaning Up

Dogs will need to go outside to use the bathroom at least once a day, but this can vary depending on the breed and age of your dog. Try to take them out before or after your regular breaks from work, as well as any time they appear restless or you think they may need a quick toilet break. Of course, it’s also a good idea to make sure you clean up any messes that are left where they shouldn’t be right away!

4. Consider Using Doggie ‘Backpacks’

Some dogs enjoy having a little more responsibility during the day – which is why using doggie backpacks can be useful if you’re going to be working at home for more than a few hours. Things like bags of treats, poo bags, and extra water (in case the dog gets thirsty) can all be stowed in here, but it’s also worth carrying around disposable gloves if you think your dog is going to need their paws cleaned or nails cut!

5. Consider A Pet Sitter Or Dog Walker

If you are finding that you still have difficulty looking after your dog when working from home then there are other options available to help ease the problem, such as a Melbourne doggy day care or hiring a pet sitter. This may seem unnecessary at first but if you’re noticing problems with your work performance or simply noticing that your furry friend seems unhappy or bored then consider how you could solve this issue before it becomes worse.

6. Enrichment Activities For Dogs At Home

Enrichment activities such as food puzzles such as Tug-a-Jug or Buster Cubes provide dogs with physical and mental stimulation. This is especially helpful for people with working dogs, as they can easily become bored over time if they do not have the opportunity to use their brains regularly!

7. Keep Your Dog Safe

It is important to keep your dog safe when you are working, this includes making sure they are in a separate room (if needed) or tethered/leashed to furniture or an immovable object if it is in the same room as you. Also, make sure that any doors to other rooms in your home cannot be opened by your dog and that items like scissors & knives are not left out on the floor where the dog can access them.

8. Feeding Your Dogs Properly

Another thing to consider is how your dogs will be fed, there are many different opinions on whether dogs should be allowed free-feeding or scheduled feeding. If you want to go down the scheduled feeding route then this might cause a problem as some people struggle to adapt their schedules to allow enough time for feedings after they start working from home. However, if you decide that free-feeding is best for your dogs then make sure that the food they receive is actually suitable for them and maintain high standards of nutrition. Having an automatic feeder can help with this as it will stop overfeeding and ensure all portions are given at the correct time each day!

9. Not All Dogs Are Good For Working From Home

There are some dogs who should not work from home either because of behavioral problems or other issues such as being too excitable or anxious around people which can lead to them misbehaving when you are not around. If you have a dog with separation anxiety then you may want to consider hiring someone to come into your home as mentioned earlier as this can be extremely difficult to manage if left for longer periods of time.

10. Reward Good Behaviour

Reward your dog when they display good behavior while you’re working from home, such as being quiet or well-behaved in the same room as you. This will let them know that they doing a good job and it also strengthens their positive behaviors overall! Giving them their favorite treats will encourage them to continue good behavior.

There are many different options to help you look after your dog while working from home, it’s just finding the right method for your lifestyle and pet that is most important!

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