How To Land Your Next Promotion

How To Land Your Next Promotion


If you think about your first interview, you can probably remember how your palms got a little sweaty at the thought of trying to tell someone- humbly, just how great you are. Interviews can be a very nerve-wracking place but Kayla Matthew’s has your back with these tips that will help you grab your next promotion.

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If you think about your first interview, you can probably remember how your palms got a little sweaty at the thought of trying to tell someone- humbly, just how great you are. Interviews can be a very nerve-wracking place for those of us who recognize that our future rests in someone else’s hands, at least for those 30 minutes of the interview.

Despite this and your rapid heartbeat as you explained how your experience matched exactly what the company was looking for, you landed the job. Now, you love every minute of it, but you can’t help but feel this nagging sensation that you could do better if you just got that next promotion. Here’s how to put your cards out there and land your next promotion.

Figure Out the Credentials Required for the Position

You can’t expect to become a baker if you’ve never stepped foot in a kitchen. The same goes for the new position. Figure out what’s required of you to make it to the next step.

If you need more education, invest in your future and find a way to get some classes under your belt. For full-time workers, this could mean taking a look at online programs or night classes for schedule flexibility.

Figure Out Who Benefits From the Promotion

The promotion can’t solely be about you. If promoting you won’t somehow save your employer time, money or work, you can forget about it.

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Savings like these can be wrapped up in simple figures, like how much it would cost your employer to hire someone from the outside for the same position. They would need to pay for someone else’s training. How can the training and experience that you have work for them?

Create Your Own Goals

So you’ve done the research and figured out just what you have to do to be qualified for the position. Write out how you see yourself getting there and then discuss it with your manager. Make an appointment to discuss your future and present your manager with the suggested plan of action.

From Passion To Profit

Together, you can come up with a reasonable timeline for achieving and assessing where you’re going with the company. It’s also a great way to keep you accountable for the things you say you’re going to do. Kari Reston, from theDailyMuse, has some great tips for discussing your future with your manager.

Follow Through With Your Goals

Talk will get you nowhere if it’s not accompanied by the necessary actions. If you’ve told your manager that you’re going to start working on a series of goals to improve your worth to the company, you better deliver. Start tackling the biggest tasks first; it’ll prove that you’re not afraid of a challenge. For a little help in this department, I recommend reading Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy.

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Give Updates on Your Progress

We’ve all grown up learning that it’s not okay to brag, but occasionally, it’s worth your while to toot your own horn. Give updates to your manager or supervisor about the progress you’re making, even the hurdles you are experiencing.

Keeping your manager in the loop when you think you might need some assistance will show your boss that you’re a team player. You’ll be proving that you are in it for more than just the credit of a job well done.

Landing your next promotion doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you’ll be doing more than improving your work-life, you’ll be improving your personal life in the process. By taking charge of your career and jumpstarting on goals, you’ll be more likely to use these techniques in other areas of your life. That alone should make it all worth it.

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