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How To Get A Safe And Secure Online Experience

How To Get A Safe And Secure Online Experience

How To Get A Safe And Secure Online Experience Staff
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In the era of internet, no business gets deprived of the effect of online trading whether it is a small online store or a stock trading business. Even, a life cannot be imagined without an internet connection. Beside its enormous advantages, it can lead to a world of troubles, if used inconsiderately.

Because of this, you have to be more vigilant when you are making purchased online. The you may dabble in the stock market which can make you rich overnight, but if you do not consider your stock trading account security that include SSL Certificate, up to date software and strong passwords etc, it can open the world of mess for you in a few seconds. Similarly, if you don’t keep your online shopping accounts secure people might make a lot of purchases in your name. Thus, it is recommended to secure your online accounts with as many security measures as possible. Here, we have discussed how to get a secure online shopping experience:

1. Always Use Up-To-Date Anti-Virus Software

It does not matter whether you do online stock trading or just buy from Amazon. The most important thing is that you must have anti-virus software running on your PC and it is up-to-date. The anti-virus secures your PC from being infected with hazardous malware that can steal your financial data.

2. Make Sure You Type The Correct Website URL

Fraud happens everywhere, whether it is an online or other business. Many fraudulent websites are seen in online trading that look identical to the original online trading website. The colour combinations, positioning of different widgets or themes look perfect that can deceive anyone. Some unsuspecting investors get trapped and enter their log-in details and personal information on those websites and become a victim of cyber scams. Despite searching the website in the search engine, make sure you type the correct URL on your browser to secure your information from hackers.

3. Website Security Lock

Before creating an account on any website, ensure the website has enough security measures to protect your private data from being hacked. The leading online businesses and banks use the EV SSL Certificate on their website that encrypts the information that is being transmitted between a web user and a web server. The green address bar, a sign of lock and ‘https’ are the sign of secured website that protect user’s data, build trust and provide the full detail of a website owner and their business.

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4. Avoid Sharing Your Account Details

It is advised not to reveal your account login details to anyone, not even to your family. Always keep an eye on your bank balance; moreover, make sure to check your account regularly. If you observe any odd activity, alert your bank as soon as possible.

5. Set A Strong Password

Most of the accounts are hacked due to a weak password. Usually, people know the significance of choosing a strong password, but ignore it while making an account. If you are doing online shopping, using a strong password including the alphabet, special characters, numbers and a mix of capital and lowercase letters is demand of the today’s hour. Even better, use a password manager – Chrome has one built in so you don’t have to worry about remembering long passwords

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6. Use Two-Factor Authentication

Most of the large websites provide two-factor authentication (or 2FA) to their clients for extra security. In the two-factor authentication process, A SMS, including a one-time password (OTP) is sent to your mobile phone while signing into your account. It is an extra step to provide security and notify you with every log in, and without entering OTP you cannot login to your account.

7. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi For Purchases & Banking

Everyone likes to have free stuff, whether it is a giveaway or a free Wi-fi. Nowadays, you easily find free Wifi in public places like bus stands, railway stations and even in restaurants. Avoid using it as your private information can be stolen easily through free Wifi. Thus, always use a secured network or a private network (VPN) while surfing the web when you’re out and about.

8. Unusual Pop-Ups Can Be Risky

If you have created an account on a website that throws unusual pop-up screens, be aware it is a sign of deception or fraudster. Take an example of a website that keeps throwing up a window with a message that you have won 1 million dollars, and when you click on that window, it asks you to enter your account detail or login detail for claiming the prize. When you find such a pop-ups, shut the window on your computer immediately and make run a quick virus scan just to be on the safe side.

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9. Don’t Give Unknown Apps Access To Your Account Info

These days, diverse types of applications available on your mobile Play Store, when installed ask from you to access your account detail and media information. Some of them even ask to access your online accounts, just delete or uninstall such kind of unknown applications or software on your PC or mobile phone. If necessary, download apps those are verified by trusted play store like Google play.

10. Always Log Out

Always make sure to log out of your shopping account when you are done with your purchases. Usually, it has been seen in several movies that when a character in the movie fails to log out of a system and all his vulnerable or private data is stolen. So, don’t be like that individual. Whenever you login to your accounts and finish shopping, posting status updates or banking, log out of your account and even log out of the PC. This small step can ensure your peace of mind.


Cybercrimes have become a big cause of concern for online traders and many businesses have folded overnight due to their online data breaches. The data breach cases are rapidly growing with the technology advancement. Thus, make sure to apply all the above-mentioned tips for safe online surfing without worrying that someone is stealing your private data or your money.

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