How to Create a Workplace in Your Home that Supports Creativity

How to Create a Workplace in Your Home that Supports Creativity


If you’re working from home it’s important to have a workplace that helps not only your productivity but your creativity too. In this article Paul Moore helps you come up with some ideas to build your ultimate creative workplace retreat.

How to Create a Workplace in Your Home that Supports Creativity
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We all know how endless the list of the benefits working from home is. Only away from the office can you get a quiet atmosphere in a stress-less environment, a place where you can truly be comfortable and, in turn, become much more productive with your time.

Of course, there’s also the benefits of a shorter commute (a few steps versus an hour-long drive) and minimal irritating co-workers (assuming your family member or roommates leave you to work in peace), but probably one of the most exciting pluses is the fact that you get the opportunity to create your own work space your own way, without absolutely any limitations.

Today, you will learn of the ways you can decorate your home work space and make it your own truly productive happy place.

Now, before you dive in any further, you first need to decide where your workspace will be located. If you already have an office room or area set up, that’s great! And, if you don’t- don’t worry.

You can transform any corner of any room in your home into a workspace, no matter how little space it may seem you have. You can get creative with it. Add a fold-down desk to a wall in your kitchen or living room, or turn the small vanity in your bedroom into a desktop area. If you don’t even feel your work requires you to sit at a desk, then claim an armchair in the corner of the dining room as your space.

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If you live in a small apartment and you know that every inch counts, you can loft a bed and add a desk underneath. You really can make a workspace out of any space

If you have a room set aside specifically for the purpose of being an office, then the creative possibilities you have are virtually infinite. Seriously, you can add absolutely anything and everything you can think of. Cabinets, shelves, bins, sofas, end tables, TVs, lamps, coffee tables, even bed space. And, in creating your office, woodworking can really be your best friend – check out this article for some great free woodworking designs including a rather snazzy looking bookcase and desk that will look great in any home office.

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Organization is vital when it comes to creating your workspace. You can build storage cabinets and shelves for your space and craft boxes to serve as drawers in the cabinets, or just to stack on their own on the side. An interesting way to make your shelves is to build yourself a short wooden ladder and make the steps of it wider than usual so that they can each act as a shelf for you to add potted plants, books, and other decorations too.

Along with this, you can craft or buy corkboards, whiteboards, or chalkboards to add to the walls of your office. If you also find yourself tight on desk space, you can glue large magnets to the bottom of one of these boards, or cover a separate one completely with them, and then hang any magnetic desk supplies you have onto the boards. You could also glue smaller pieces of magnets onto your pencils, pens, and notepads so that they too could be displayed on the magnetic boards.

Adding bright colors to your office space can also be a huge benefit to you. Choosing to paint the walls your favorite light color or to buy and add a brightly colored chair and desk will most definitely boost your mood and performance while you work. After all, it has been proven by science that brighter colors (specifically blue, yellow, and red) stimulate the mind more than any other shades.

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Most importantly, though, you want to personalize your workspace. You want to make it your own with your own creative juices. You can do this in whatever way you see fit, whether you decide to hang inspirational signs, photographs of your favorite cities, or wall art that you created yourself.

If you’re an artist, put up your own art; if you’re a writer, display your own words. If you don’t consider yourself much of a creative person, add some sticky notes to the wall and write your favorite creative quotes on them.

Whatever you choose to do, though, make sure it inspires you to be both creative and productive in your work every day.

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