How To Choose DIY Projects For A Home Renovation

How To Choose DIY Projects For A Home Renovation


Imagine giving your home a completely new look without spending all the money and time needed for a completely new renovation. But how do you proceed when you haven’t done any DIY projects before? How do you get the skills required to make low-cost home renovations that will increase the value of your home? In this article we’ll take you through some simple steps to get your DIY projects off the ground.

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Imagine giving your home a completely new look without spending all the money and time needed for a completely new renovation.

You can indeed renovate your home without emptying your bank account. For example, re-grouting tiles, changing fixtures, and painting your walls can add substantial value to your home at a relatively low cost. Even if you are not prepared to sell up, making smart renovations can make your home a more beautiful abode.

But how do you proceed when you haven’t done any DIY projects before? How do you get the skills required to make low-cost home renovations that will increase the value of your home? The best way to research DIY instructions for renovations and makeovers is to make an online search for said instructional videos. You will find many YouTube guides and tutorials sharing techniques that will teach you the skills you need, covering just about every aspect of the modern home.

After you’ve picked up the basic DIY skills, you need to carefully select your first home improvement project(s). The following tips and ideas will help you make an informed choice for the tasks ahead.

1. Upgrade Fixtures

You can spruce up your home for a few dollars by replacing curtain rods, outlet covers, light fixtures, doorknobs, and switch plates. Interestingly, high-quality outlet covers and switch plates don’t cost more than $10. However, they can add a touch of elegance and luxury to your home. If you can’t change the curtain rods and light fixtures, what about improving their appearance with some fresh paint? Just make sure you pick those colours that will appeal to a broad audience.

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Here are some examples of smart fixture swaps you can make to beautify your home:

  • Replace frosted glass pendants with contemporary glass in your kitchen
  • Exchange old ceiling fans with modern air coolers that offer greater energy efficiency
  • Replace old CFL bulbs with LED bulbs (which are now available in varying temperatures).

2. Add Shelving to Empty Corners

Take a quick look at your home. You will find corners that are idle and free of clutter. These can serve as additional storage space.

Make these areas more useful and attractive by installing floating shelf elements at these corners. While you may need to learn a few woodworking skills, this project can be very rewarding. You will have a deep sense of fulfilment each time you see the shelves you created. Such shelves are good for arranging flower vases, books, wine, or pictures of loved ones.

3. Improve Your Window Coverings

The low-cost paper shades or plastic blinds that came with your home may not add much value to it. You can make a statement by replacing them with more attractive window treatments. Consider stripping out the drab window covering and exchanging them with drapes, wooden blinds, or plantation shutters. What’s more, if you decide to put up your home for sale, using neutral colours can increase the perceived value of your home.

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4. Spruce Up Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets look old and dirty, you can breathe new life into them by adding a fresh layer of paint. You may also consider staining the outer surface for a more rustic look.

Choose white paint to brighten up the kitchen. This colour seldom goes out of style and it makes it easy for you or new homeowners to repaint the cabinets later on (or to simply envision their own design ideas in the space).

To paint your kitchen cabinets, you may need to take out all the hardware stored on them. Then, clean out the cabinets to remove any dirt or grease that can affect the quality of your work.

Also, you may choose to upgrade the cabinet doorknobs at this time. When changing the colour of the cabinets, choose contemporary doorknobs to compliment this. It will give your kitchen a new look even if you can’t afford a total replacement or give your cabinets a complete makeover.

5. Bring Nature Into Your Home

Carefully selected plants and flowers can transform a bland space in a unique way. Additionally, the simplest potted plants will improve the quality of the indoor air and generally improve your mood each time you look at them.

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If you feel you will not be able to take adequate care of the plants, you need to choose durable varieties like jade, ribbon plant, or Chinese evergreen that can withstand harsher conditions. And if you are not ready to take care of natural plants, you can buy artificial greenery that looks exactly like the real thing.

6. Improve Landscaping in Your Yard

Use various plants and flowers to brighten up the exterior of your home. Draw more attention to the house by adding more greenery to the front of your home and along the walkways. To get the most value for your efforts, opt for perennial plants or those that remain vibrant throughout the year. You can complete the renovation of your yard by trimming all trees and bushes in the relevant areas.

Upgrading your home needn’t be a complex or expensive venture. With some elbow grease, DIY skills, and enthusiasm, you can significantly boost your home’s curb appeal, whether it’s for your own enjoyment or any potential buyers in the future.

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