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Everything You Need To Know About Succulent Plants

Succulents in concrete pots on a white background

Everything You Need To Know About Succulent Plants Staff
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You probably come across succulent plants often, and maybe even every day, not knowing what they are. In today’s article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about these beautiful and resistant plants.

So what exactly are succulent plants? And, why are these plants so popular in many homes all over the world?

What Are Succulent Plants?

We call succulent plants an extensive group of plants that are characterized by thickened, fleshy stems, and succulent leaves. The name succulent is derived from the Latin word “sucus,” which means juices naturally found in the leaves of these plants.

Succulent plants come from dry and semi-desert areas, which makes them very resistant. For that reason, succulents are perfect plants for growing at home because they do not require much care.

Dry air and soil is something that these plants are used to in their natural habitat. If the time you can dedicate to caring for flowers is minimal, succulent plants are the right thing for you. Another advantage of most succulent plants is their small growth. Due to this feature, succulents do not take up much space in the house.

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Different succulents in front of a sofa

Cacti are one of the most famous succulents

Succulent plants can be divided into two groups:

1. Plants that have only stems (cacti),

2. Plants with fleshy leaves (Agave, Aloe vera, etc.).

Cacti And Other Succulent Plants

Succulent plants that have only stems are called by one name – cacti. In these plants, the leaves are transformed into thorns, while the tree has thickened and serves as a reservoir of water. This feature allows the cacti to survive during the dry season. For all those who want modern floral decor in their home, cacti are a perfect choice.

However, succulent plants are much more than just cacti. As many as sixty families of plants belong to succulents. Some very famous plants such as Agave and Aloe vera are also succulents. In addition to their decorative role, some of these plants also have proven medicinal properties, such as the Aloe Vera plant.

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Growing Conditions Of Succulents

Although they are very resistant, succulent plants still require certain living conditions to be met. For example, they like to grow in loose soil (a mixture of compost, sand, and a little clay). Moreover, when planting succulents, you should ensure that excess water is not retained in the soil but flows freely. This is achieved by placing a drain on the bottom of the pot.

When it comes to feeding succulents, you should not overdo it. Succulents that overfeed lose their characteristic shape and do not look beautiful.

Since they are used to drought, succulent plants in your home should not be overwatered. Only when the soil is completely dry should you water the plants again. When watering, take care not to water the leaves and the tree but to let the water go directly into the ground. You should water the succulents every 10 days or so, not more often, and you should always do it in the morning. Thus, by evening, the excess water will drain and evaporate.

Aloe plant in white pot

Aloe vera has medical properties

Succulents love sunny places, so find them a place in your home that gets the most sunlight. As for transplanting, succulents are not to be transplanted too often. Only when the pot they are currently in becomes small, transplant them into a larger one. Until then, you only need to occasionally change the surface layer of soil in the pot.

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Succulent plants can be propagated in various ways (by parts of leaves or trees, as well as by seeds). Whichever way you choose, it is crucial to do it in the spring. Some types of succulents can also bloom. However, although the flowers that grow on succulent plants are extremely decorative and fragrant, their lifetime is relatively short.

If you are interested in a detailed description of individual succulent plants, check out the the following link:


If you really love flowers but lack time to care for them, maybe you should give it a try with succulent plants. Succulent plants are so easy to grow that anyone with the least effort can have beautiful succulent decorations in their home. So, do not hesitate, but hurry to choose cacti, Agave, or Aloe vera for your flower collection.

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