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Theodora is a passionate blogger from Sydney and she is someone you would call an IT nerd. Also, she takes great interest in psychology and helping people deal with their mental and anxiety issues. Besides that, she loves martial arts and enjoying the nature.
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House & Home


How To Choose DIY Projects For A Home Renovation

November 3, 2020 By Theodora Evans

Imagine giving your home a completely new look without spending all the money and time needed for a completely new renovation. But how do you proceed when you haven't done any DIY projects before? How do you get the skills required to make low-cost home renovations that will increase the value of your home? In this article we'll take you through some simple steps to get your DIY projects off the ground.…more »

Career Development


6 Noble Professions You Should Consider For Your Career

August 20, 2019 By Theodora Evans

Choosing a career is no mean feat. It is particularly hard to make up one’s mind since there are so many factors to consider and it may be difficult to prioritize. What do we really expect of our future career path, and should our ideal job be as profitable as it is rewarding? Read on to find out.…more »

Life Hacks


How To Bring Your Sustainable Living To A Higher Level

June 25, 2019 By Theodora Evans

Climate change is no longer a topic for concerned scientists or fringe eco-warriors. It’s arrived, and it’s not pretty. Extreme weather events are becoming increasingly common. Temperature records are being broken on what seems like a weekly basis. Mother Earth is not doing well. And North America (and other Western countries, to be fair) can […]…more »

Computer & Software Tips


8 Ways of Improving Cybersecurity in Your Company

February 12, 2019 By Theodora Evans

When using the internet, it is important to ensure you are doing your best to keep your personal data safe and secure. This is even more important when running a business, as you may also be protecting the data of other individuals and companies. In this article we look at 8 ways you can keep your company more secure.…more »