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How to Advocate For Yourself At Work

How to Advocate For Yourself At Work

How to Advocate For Yourself At Work Staff
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When we spend 40 hours per week in the same place with the same people, it’s important to feel supported and cared for while also feeling empowered and productive. Caught in the balance of wanting to be likable versus wanting to receive just accolades and rewards for hard work, it’s sometimes easier to put our needs and feelings on the backburner than to create potential conflict.

However, it’s important that we create a work environment that is positive, uplifting and empowering. The way to do this is through healthy communication and learning to speak up for ourselves and advocate for our needs.

Conflict is unavoidable. No matter how perfect your workplace may be, there will inevitably be a time when you get into an argument with a coworker or get angry after not receiving a raise or promotion. It’s important to learn to navigate these tricky situations in a way that both empowers you and avoids as much tension as possible.

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For starters, rehearsing your input ahead of time and taking deep breaths can help you to speak calmly and clearly while presenting your thoughts. Being direct with your feelings can help avoid confusion and convey exactly what you need.

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Check out this infographic on how to self-advocate in the office.

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How To Advocate For Yourself And Work

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