How The Way You Dress Affects The Way You Feel

How The Way You Dress Affects The Way You Feel


Do you dress to impress or just to feel comfortable? The way you dress can really affect the way you feel and in this article Judy Robinson looks at how you dress can affect the way you act and feel

How The Way You Dress Affects The Way You Feel
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Your physical appearance holds the key to the glorious kingdom of confidence. It is almost like your nerves have synchronized your internal well-being with your external glam up. More often than not you will find yourself trying to fit into something that is not the most comfortable (like stilettos) but makes you feel like a diva. That is the biggest proof of how much of an impact your dressing has on the way you feel about yourself. The reason for this mostly lies in the fact that the people around you tend to judge you more on how you look and lesser on who you actually are on the inside. The first look is what gets you judged by people on the basis of the impression your look makes, and if we talk about high-school, the first look is what gets you friends.

Your on point dressing has everything to do with your confidence on that particular day and more. Wearing something that comes straight from the latest collection of your favorite designer will make you feel like you own the world, just as the stunning Marilyn Monroe says, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

The Power Tie

Something that gets heads turned is also enough to give your day that kick that it needed and the next thing you know is that everything is going just as you planned that day.

The ‘Power Tie’ is an actual thing and psychologists have proof to support this. An experiment had a group of men wear formal business attire and as a control group, few men were asked to throw on old t-shirts. Both the groups were then given 5 tasks to perform. The men in formal wear performed better than their under-dressed fellows. Suited men felt more powerful and in control of the situation. Thinking faster and coming up with creative ideas was another outcome of the experiment.

Confident Dressing, Better Communication

Another social experiment proved that your dressing gives you an edge in an argument too. Better negotiation skills were also found to be associated with better dressed individuals. This again, to some extent is related to what people make you feel like because of your dressing. Like for example, a shopkeeper would be more interested in selling something to a suited man as compared to someone in shabby clothes.

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Comfortable Dressing, Positive Vibes

Wearing something formal is not the only way to feel confident. Something what you feel comfortable in has a lot to do with your confidence too. You will find yourself more affable in a comfortable sweater. The conversations will flow because you know you’re looking absolutely smashing and at the same time getting a warm hug from your outfit too. All the positive feelings and happy hormones being released while wearing a classy outfit make you not only feel but actually look better too. A statement piece from Ary D’po can definitely help in that regard.

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Inappropriate Dressing May Lead to Self-Consciousness

At the same time a bad outfit can shrink you down to the ground on an important day you’ve been preparing for, for so long. A low neckline that gets more attention than required or a dress that feels plastered on your hip area will make you feel self-conscious and being self-conscious means being out of focus and unaware of your surroundings.

Bad Dressing May Even Cause Unproductivity

You will spend the entire day in that dress being unproductive. You might even avoid interaction altogether and when forced into a conversation, you will be seen pulling your shirt from here, and evening it out from there. It will shatter your confidence in yourself and you might even forget what you were going to say in mid-sentences because the voice of a wrong dress is way too loud in your head.

Wear What Makes You Feel Beautiful And Positive

Ever notice what is the first thing you do after clearing up the sitting area when someone shows up at your place unannounced? You run to put on something presentable because you know how being in a bad dress feels like. A situation where all your attention is grabbed by your unkempt dress must be avoided because you sometimes come off as a rude or uninterested person. Reason behind that is that you minimize eye contact because of shame and low confidence. Therefore wear things that make you feel what you are. Beautiful.

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