Stress Management: Using Self-Help Techniques for Dealing with Stress


Are you troubled by stress? Not sure what you can do to help the causes or symptoms? In this article Mitravinda Savanur looks at how you can relieve the impact that stress has on your everyday life.

Stress Management: Using Self-Help Techniques for Dealing with Stress
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In this era, stress seems a common thing that almost everyone goes through. The reason can be any such as you are jobless, break up with your loved one, the death of a relative, or inability to handle the pressures of work. All these problems lead you to stress where your emotions get overpowered, and you feel helpless no matter how hard you try. Well, there are some tips that can help you to live your life normally again if you can read and follow them.

1. Recognize the Root of Stress

Think of it like this, if your doctor does not know about the disease he can’t give you cure. In the same way, you need to identify the reason of stress first only then you can proceed further with your emotions. Usually, it is effortless to recognize the root of pressure because you know what put you in this situation. Sit for a moment quietly and think when the last time you chuckled was. Recognize what made you stop laughing and then you will catch the answer. It can be a new job, divorce; any chronic disease, etc. take the lead and decide to create the control with time.

2. Maintain Proper Nutrition

This is another essential aspect if you want to deal with the stress rightly. Proper nutrition can help you very much in erasing stress whereas a poor diet can make it even worse. So even if you don’t feel like eating healthy, you have to go for it and give it a chance. You will feel better for sure because healthy foods create a proper chemical balance in your brain that leads to a less stressful situation. Consume good fats, natural carbs, protein, fiber, and vitamins to take you on the track again.

3. Make Exercise a Routine

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When we suffer from stress, taking even one step seems like a burden, but you have to try at least. After getting healthy nutrition, exercise is the best thing that can make your life from hell to heaven. In a week you can notice the results of your mental and physical health as well.

You don’t have to perform any heavy workout; you can start with some light warmup and make some progress each day. If you find yoga more convenient than go for it and do not forget the meditation that is a natural stress killer.

4. Be Social

You can’t heal if you do not get involved in social activities or meet people even if you follow all the above tips. Talking to people or your friends help you with the healing process. Different people come with different suggestions, and it makes you express your feelings in front of them. Call your friends at your place or plan a night at their home and try to chill as much as possible. Let them know what you are going through, and you will surely feel great at the end.

From Passion To Profit

5. Give Time to Your Hobbies

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Is there anything that you always wanted to do? If yes, then this is the perfect time to learn that hobby or skill. If this is gardening, swimming, horse riding, guitar playing or anything that you wanted to learn you can do it right now. Sign you up for the classes and do not think twice, it will be a great stress reliever. This also means meeting new people and giving your mind something new to the process.

6. Travel To Nature

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Nature has the cure when it comes to any disease and stress is not an exception. If you are kind of traveler soul, you can make your journey to nature where you can admire the beauty of this earth, feel that very pure breeze and lose you in the aura. Being near to nature works like a charm, and it doesn’t matter if you are stressed or not.

7. Listen To Your Emotions

The last tip is let your emotions come out. You don’t have to hide or avoid them. Feel them when you want to because this is the way to understand them. If you bottle them up, you are not doing the right thing. You can even have a journal and write whatever and whenever you feel. This way, life will be a lot easier than you can think.

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