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What Your Choice In Clothes Say About You

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What Your Choice In Clothes Say About You

While your clothes certainly don’t define you or your values, what you choose to wear can reveal many aspects of your personality. It also reflects your lifestyle, emotional health, and social status.

Whether you’re just curious about what your wardrobe says about your personality or trying to project an image, below are some of the most popular clothing styles and what they may actually mean for you, based on psychology.

Wearing Old Fashion

Most people love wearing trendy clothes. However, some are more comfortable wearing the basics or old-fashioned clothes. Usually, this projects that you’re less likely to welcome change or you have a hard time letting go of the past.

There’s nothing wrong with welcoming change, especially in your wardrobe. The trick is to apply the golden wardrobe rule: get rid of two or three pieces that are outdated, too big or small, or are already worn out. Then, replace them with newer, more fashionable styles.

Wearing Designer Logos

Fans of designer logos are often perceived as those who like to show off their wealth. In one study, participants thought that men who owned large logo shorts are less interested in committed romantic relationships and are simply looking for brief sexual affairs. That said, you want to go away from designer clothes when dating a girl.

If you want to change how people might regard you, opt for “blank canvas” pieces or clothes with subtle styles. After all, there are many ways you can flaunt a stylish look without those logos all over.

Wearing Baggy Clothes

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Dressing in loose clothes is a less conservative approach to fashion, which is why people who choose this style are deemed to possess liberal thinking.

On the other hand, some people like to wear oversized clothes because they are ashamed of their bodies, which may be a sign of low self-esteem. If you’re leaning towards this, it helps to learn about dressing according to your body type and shape. Going for tailored outfits to highlight your best features is also a good idea.

Wearing Must-Have Accessories Only

Phone, blue slip on shoes, watch, wallet, sunglasses and black t-shirt

Sticking to the basic accessories, such as men’s wallets, belts, watches, and sunglasses can mean different things. One is that you prefer a minimalist lifestyle. If you’re leaning towards this, consider neutral colors or designs that you can easily mix and match with your outfits.

Wearing only the must-have accessories can also mean that you don’t want to draw attention or you are too comfortable to change. If that’s the case, consider welcoming change by adding one or two statement pieces to your wardrobe.

What Your Choice of Outfit Colors Say About You

Colors have long been associated with certain personality traits. Knowing what those are can help you pull off great outfits for the image you want to project.

White Says Confidence

White is a symbol of freedom, purity, simplicity, and innocence. That’s why most people often buy something white when starting a new chapter in their life. It also suggests confidence, which makes it a great choice for job interviews, client meetings, and presentations.

Green for Life

Green is the color of life, healing, and nature. Those who prefer green are perceived to be kind, caring, and soft-hearted. They also tend to lead an active, public life. Wearing something green is an easy way to \ not just for yourself but for the people you’re dealing with.

Yellow Adds Inspiration

Yellow is a happy color. People who are fond of wearing yellow are deemed bright dreamers and adventurers, always ready to explore and conquer the world.

This color also increases attention and concentration, which is why you’d often see it worn by models on TV commercials or magazines.

Red to Go Bold

Red symbolizes passion and power. It’s the best color to wear if you’re looking to persuade or impress somebody, such as when you’re negotiating with a client or speaking in public. It’s also a sexy and daring color so wear it when you want to be the center of attention.

Blue for Positivity

Blue portrays a relaxed, positive, and calming vibe. It also connotes confidence and reliability, which makes it a great pick for job interviews and work outfits too. Moreover, people who wear blue clothing are likely to be perceived as kind, courteous, and sympathetic.

Black for Sophistication

Nothing portrays elegance and sophistication better than the color black. In psychology, black is associated with power, prestige, and intelligence. People who prefer black clothing are deemed ambitious and purposeful. Also, people who love wearing black are generally viewed as emotional and easily excitable, though they often try to hide it.


They say “you are what you wear.” However, let’s be clear on one thing: your choice of clothing styles and colors don’t define who you are.

Rather, you can use your knowledge about the psychology of fashion to improve your wardrobe and how you want others to perceive you in general.

Do note what we’ve outlined here is just a guide. What is more important is you’re comfortable with what you wear and that the colors you choose are indicative of your true personality.

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