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Get Noticed At Your Next Business Expo

Get Noticed At Your Next Business Expo

Get Noticed At Your Next Business Expo Staff
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Why would you run a space at a business expo if you weren’t hoping to promote your brand or services to those in attendance? Some might consider this a waste of time, which wouldn’t be so egregious if setting up a booth didn’t also occur such a fee. It’s important to get noticed, and not only that, but to stand out from the crowd. That’s right, you should have your mind set on those ‘best of expo’ awards, because they can truly help your business shine in front of all the others.

However, it’s also worthwhile to note that a business expo event is not a dog-eat-dog scenario, but often a showcase and celebration of your industry, a place where you can network and make business contacts in the spirit of jolly cooperation. For that, getting noticed at your next business expo will require a little more subtlety than simply banging on a drum and showing ‘WE’RE HERE!’ – which will attract attention, just not the kind you want.

Draw Attention To Your Booth

Right displays, beautiful advertisements, taking the time to click here and research your excellent display options, and potentially even quiet music can be played to help a passer-by look and think of your booth as something important and worthwhile to keep in mind.

Sometimes, you might engage them by asking questions, showing them your product, or offering free samples. This can help you direct people to your offering based on its quality alone, and not through methods that are designed to trick or deceive. An expo is supposed to be a positive event after all.


There’s a reason expos of all kinds are absolutely flooded with merch – it gets attention. It’s important to be positive and forward facing, but also to spread your business message far and wide.

If many people see that new phone cases, hoodies, or baseball caps are being given out with your company logo on them, they might think that’s worth checking out. Then, you can spellbind them with your offering to ensure they engage with your event space before heading off. Who knows? They might even return or make a purchase right there and then. This can make the most difference ahead of time.

Be Positive

It’s important to be positive at the event. Do not take it so seriously! Show what your business can do. Have fun with the graphic design. Be encouraging. Contribute to your industry, and show the celebration of your firm and its customers. Give yourself more credit by showcasing the history of your firm. Educate people. Dress up, and potentially choreograph a show that helps you give your product launch more vitality.

It’s measures like this that can make a true difference in the end, and help you stand out from your peers. You might have heard ‘kill them with kindness,’ but ‘kill them with positivity’ is just as worthwhile.

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