Freelancers – How much should you charge?

Freelancers – How much should you charge?

That’s a difficult question to answer for the budding freelancer and I discuss it in my Managing Web Projects ebook but it is a bit complicated and a bit of a horrible formula to work out your hourly rate (and please excuse me it’s been a while since I’ve done algebra and brackets confuse me Crazy Hair):

(((E/100) X T) + (OU X 12) /100 X PM)
((H X D) X 52 ) – DO)


E = Earnings
T = Tax Rate
OU = Outgoings
PM = Profit Margin
H = Hours Worked A Day
D = Days Worked a week
DO – Days off per year

Er….. Right. I’m confused now as well!

I’ve given an example of this formula at work when I wrote about Managing Web Projects #4 – The Quote but even so, it’s a bit of a handfull isn’t it?!

Because none of us want to go through the terror of trying to work that little lot out (especially as I’m bound to have put a bracket in the wrong place somewhere I present The Hourly Rate Calculator.

Simply fill in your desired earnings, outgoings and a couple of other bits and voila! There’s what you should charge per hour.

You can all thank me later Laugh

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