Free eBook: The Zen Of Blogging

Free eBook: The Zen Of Blogging

I’ve written a few times in the past about blogs and blogging in general but Hunter Nuttall has gone one better and released a free ebook called “The Zen of blogging“.

From the book:

“There is no blog! A blog has no inherent value; it’s just a medium for conveying value from one person to others. There are no great blogs, only great bloggers. For a person who has nothing worth saying, trying to create a great blog is an exercise in futility, like trying to teach a duck to sing like Pavarotti. I need to start by looking within myself to find my inner blogger. The rest is just details.”

If you’re a blogger or into Zen-like practices you should check it out, it’s a really good read – also, take a wander through Hunter’s other posts, there’s a wealth of personal productivity information in the archives.

Download your free copy of The Zen of blogging today.


Hat-tip to Darren Rowse at ProBlogger for linking to the book initially.

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