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Five Things You Can Do Better With Linux

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Five Things You Can Do Better With Linux Staff
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It’s not always clear what exactly makes Linux a better operating system than Microsoft Windows and its other competitors.

With many PCs coming with the Windows system pre-installed, it’s often easier to use what you’re familiar with, and not consider the benefits of switching in great detail.

However, Linux offers unrivalled opportunities to improve your experience across a range of different internet uses, so in this article we’ll discuss five things that you can do better with Linux.

Browse The Web

Linux’s web browsing capabilities are endless: there are plenty of tasks like online banking, communication through email and travel planning that can become far easier using Linux compared to another operating system.

Not only do you get practical benefits to web browsing, but you’ll also avoid the high level of security attacks that Windows faces constantly – Linux isn’t completely without vulnerabilities, but there are far less on this system than its competitors.

Improve Your Use Of Office Applications

Another benefit of Linux is the increased flexibility that is offered in your use of Office applications. Despite critics suggesting that Microsoft Office users can’t switch to this system, it’s super easy to download an office suite like LibreOffice, which can read and write a range of Microsoft Office applications including Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

LibreOffice also includes both a graphic and database management application, so you won’t miss out on these, either.

Make The Most Out Of Email

Using Linux, you can be sure to find an email application that works for you. There are some more common ones, like KMail and Evolution, but you can also find advice online about other Linux email applications to choose from. This will make your Linux experience customisable to your own needs and is a real benefit to using this operating system.

Financial Management

Financial management is another great aspect of Linux that can improve your everyday life. There are some fantastic personal finance applications available that run on Linux which are user friendly and can set reminders, calculate your budget and more.

Use Multimedia

Linux is also great for using different types of multimedia applications, including music and video players. If you’re a big multimedia user, it’s advisable to use a Linux distribution which can allow you to install popular video formats – Linux Mint is a great choice.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need a powerful laptop that is capable of running Linux to make the most out of the opportunities it provides around multimedia. There are some great Lenovo Laptops for Linux that fit the bill, so once you’re ready to go you’ll never need to worry about technical limitations again.

Wrapping Up

While it can be difficult at first to understand if using Linux is the right choice for you, once you’ve downloaded this operating system and got used to the huge array of benefits it can offer, you’ll never look back. From simple web browsing to financial management, so long as you have a suitable laptop to run Linux, it is endless in its flexible and customisable nature.

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