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Effective Ways To Successfully Balance Remote Work And Studying

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Effective Ways To Successfully Balance Remote Work And Studying

Working from home has become the norm for most British employees in 2020, and a new study has shown that remote working may be here to stay. According to research involving more than 900 organisations, almost 75 percent of employees intend to continue with increased home working in the coming years.

It’s easy to see why most workers prefer this type of work arrangement: it allows for more flexibility, and it enables people to save money on transportation costs. Moreover, it gives them more time to pursue other interests and opportunities for self development, such as learning a new language or getting certified for a project-oriented role.

Learning a new skill, getting a certification, or pursuing a higher education can result in having better employee benefits, more advancement opportunities, and a higher income. However, remote working and studying at the same time presents a few challenges, and you’ll need to have the right mindset in order to stay productive in your studies while earning a living. Here are some effective ways to successfully balance remote work and studying.

Create A Work And Study Schedule

Scheduling your daily life keeps you on track and productive, and putting your schedule on paper can be beneficial, especially when you’re juggling remote work and your courses. When making a schedule, make sure to write down your work times, class times, appointments, and due dates.

Class Planner - Free Timetable Download

Class Planner : Free Timetable Download

It's back to school time and it's time to get your class schedule organised. Here's a free download for you to help you get your classes and free time in order.

Colour code your schedule so you can easily distinguish your work commitments from your class schedule. Make sure to have a set schedule for studying too. Try setting aside at least an hour of studying everyday, and plan on taking more time before exams so you can revise and take a simulated test. For instance, if you’re taking courses to get certified as a project management professional, you can take a mock exam online to gain mastery of the exam content and help you get good results during the actual test.

Find New Ways To Learn

If you spend most of your time on your laptop while remote working, find other ways to learn so you can somehow separate your work life from your study time. For instance, if you’re trying to learn a new language before going on a business trip abroad, try listening to language podcasts while you’re working out, or make a list of new words or phrases that you learned for the day during your coffee breaks. You can also schedule 30-minute conversations with a language partner on apps like HelloTalk or WeSpeak. You may also want to listen to foreign songs or watch foreign movies or TV series after working hours to enhance your language skills.

Take Time For Stress Relief

Reducing stress is essential to staying focused and productive, and it also enables you to look after your mental health while working from home. Working and studying at the same time can be stressful, so find a way to relieve stress in a positive way. Exercise can be a great stress reliever, so try cycling, running, brisk walking, or taking a dance class. You may also want to engage in a calming hobby, such as container gardening, reading, colouring or journaling.

Remote working and studying at the same time can be challenging, but the rewards and benefits that you’ll receive are worth the time and effort. Make sure to create a schedule, find new ways to learn, and make time for stress relief so you can successfully balance work and study.

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