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Document360: A Self-Service Knowledge Base To Scale Your Support Operations

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Document360: A Self-Service Knowledge Base To Scale Your Support Operations Staff
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Technological advances have made it easier for businesses to provide 24/7 quality support to their customers across the globe. Did you know that according to research by Salesforce, 89% of customers are most likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience?

Self-service knowledge bases, live chat, ticketing systems, chatbots, etc. have revolutionized the way the support team interacts and handles customer queries and there’s no going back.

Self-service tools might have been a luxury, but they’re now a necessity for every business.

This graph clearly shows how knowledge bases are being employed by a majority of enterprises.

Graph showing a breakdown of sel-service tools

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Since every business is adopting this novel way of servicing their customers, the businesses which are not keeping up with the self-service trend are going to look like dinosaurs. Customer self-service tools are here to cause the extinction of the old ways, and below are the reasons why.

Self-Service Tools: The Necessity For Every Business

  • Self-service tools allow your customers to browse through your resources and find the help they need right away. This trumps the old way where they had to wait for support reps to revert to their emails or tickets or calls.
  • The cost of deploying such tools and software and training your staff for the same is negligible when compared to the cost of hiring a huge support staff, their training, and their management.
  • Nothing gets lost in translation since all the data is centralized, tracked, and managed. This not only streamlines your processes but also saves time and resources.

These are just three of the many more reasons (such as 24/7 availability, mobile-friendliness, and better employee collaboration and onboarding) why self-service is the way forward.

One of the most popular self-service tools is a company knowledge base.

What Is A Knowledge Base?

The knowledge base is a go-to resource for your customers to learn anything and everything about your offerings. It can be easily integrated into websites, apps, products, etc.

Knowledge bases are usually enriched with getting-started guides, how-tos, FAQs, product features, use cases, product updates, technical documentation, etc. — anything that your customers can use for self-help. There are usually two types: public knowledge bases for your customers and internal knowledge bases for your teams.

Internal (employee) knowledge base is a great collaboration tool that usually includes design guidelines, target audience personas, writing guidelines, marketing collateral guidelines, customer communication ground rules, policies, etc. Organizations can streamline their internal communication with a minor investment.

Knowledge base consolidates all your essential resources and centralizes its access. You can use the public knowledge base to onboard your clients and the internal one for new joiners’ orientation.

Here are a few important features of an effective knowledge base:

  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Global search
  • Centralized data management
  • Manageable categories
  • Feedback system
  • Analytics & Reporting

Why Investing In A Knowledge Base Is A Must

  • Immediate in-depth knowledge — publicly accessible for your current client base and prospects. A way to positively showcase your company with centralized messaging.
  • Lowers the numbers of your support tickets.
  • Better ROI from your support team.
  • Better SEO rankings – adding more relevant and contextual content adds value to your SEO rankings since all content gets crawled and indexed by Google crawlers.

There are so many choices available for knowledge base software, and here’s a review of Document360 which is one of the most popular options renowned for its intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set.

Document360 Review: A Self-Service Knowledge Base To Scale Your Support Operations

Document360 Homepage

Document360 is rated number 1 knowledge base software (used by the likes of Microsoft and Harvard University) that facilitates the creation of customer and employee knowledge bases.

It is a completely online and responsive tool that can be accessed from anywhere and on any device (phones, tablets, desktops). You can integrate it as an in-app assistant, which is a great option if you have a SaaS product.

The tool is perfect for startups, product companies, and small and medium-sized businesses that need their knowledge base to scale with them.

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

Notable Features

Here we’ve highlighted some of the most useful and standout features included with Document360:

Markdown Editor

One of their key features. Their easy-to-use text-to-HTML editor is user-friendly and requires no coding skills. Your writers can easily edit, add images, videos, tables, call-outs, attach files, and more with no hassle using their knowledge base portal. Document360 is recognized as one of the top help authoring tools by G2.

Fully Customizable

The tool enables you to brand the knowledge base according to your brand colors and design guidelines. You can customize headers, footers, color themes, menus, and more.

Category Management

You can add, edit, and manage categories and subcategories quite easily with Document360. You can swiftly add articles category-wise, drag and drop to manage their sequence and more. Additionally, you can also manage user accessibility for the categories.

Private And Public Knowledge Bases

Once you’ve added all your content to the knowledge base, you can change its accessibility to private or public with just one click.

Team Management

Add team members to add and edit content based on their roles and projects. An added layer of security and saves you from redundant communication.

Useful Integrations & Extensions

Easily integrate Document360 with your other software like Intercom, Drift, Google Analytics, Freshdesk, Chrome, Teams, and more to streamline your processes. Making Document360 a part of your ecosystem helps you use it optimally.

Document360 Integrations

Room for Improvement

Of course, no solution is going to be a 100% perfect fit for every organisation so here are somethings you might want to be aware of that may affect your decision in choosing Document360.

Live Chat

The solution is limited to providing quick access to knowledge articles, guides, and FAQs. But if the customer needs to or wants to talk to a support rep, in case they couldn’t find the answers then they’d have to wait for their tickets to be acknowledged and resolved.

Complaint Management

Adding a complaint manager to accept, track, and resolve customers’ complaints would make Document360 a complete customer service and support solution.

Social Media Support

Social media support would enable you to monitor your social media mentions and engage with the end-users. The support team can directly provide the customers with links to the right knowledge base articles. This feature would modernize Document360 and make it a hot pick for brands and companies serving Millennials, Gen Z, etc.


Document360 provides three pricing plans as follow:


$49 /Project/ Month – 2 Team Accounts: 5 GB Storage, 10,000 Page Visits / Month, and 1 Knowledge Base Version, Unlimited Articles, Unlimited Article Versions, Custom Domain (with SSL), Home Page Builder, and more.


$149 /Project/Month – 5 Team Accounts: 50 GB Storage, 50,000 Page Visits / Month, 2 Knowledge Base Versions, Private Knowledge Base, Unlimited Private Readers, Analytics & Reporting, Backup & Restore, Notification, Knowledge Base Assistant, and more.

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$249 /Project/Month – 15 Team accounts: 150 GB Storage, 150,000 Page Visits / Month, 6 Knowledge Base Versions, Smart Bar, IP Restriction, Security Groups and Roles, Audit Logging, Language Localization, Machine Translation, and Enterprise SSO.

Our Review

Document360 is the perfect cost-effective and scalable solution for startups, SMEs, and product companies to empower their sales and support team and delight their customers. Equipped with all the right features, this solution can help you scale your operations without major capital investments.

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