Disrupt Your Home Less With These Fastest Floor Installation Methods


If you work from home, you’ll know how important minimising disruption is. If you’re thinking about redecorating your office (or any other part of your home) then check out these tips from Luxury Flooring & Furnishings on how you can spruce up your floor with minimal hassle.

Luxury Office Flooring
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If you work from home, you’ll need a workspace that’s suitable for your needs: a decent desk, a good chair and robust flooring that will take all of that scooting around.

Flooring installation is one of those essentials that we would rather not waste time on. Whether your current floor is damaged beyond repair, you’ve just moved in somewhere new or you need to rescue a ghastly carpeted office, at some point you will have to face this task. That is why Luxury Flooring & Furnishings are here to inform you of how you can get it over with as quickly as possible.

Floating Floors

This is a method that can be carried out in as little as an hour. It simply involves clicking the flooring together where the ‘click’ or ‘tongue and groove’ joints are on each plank, then laying it down on the sub-floor. Click joining floors are the quickest to install of the two as tongue and groove joins may require gluing together for extra stability that click naturally provides. Solid or engineered wood flooring, LVT and laminate can be installed with this method, and can easily be done alone as mistakes are quick and easy to correct.

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Adhesive and Nailing

With adhesive, mistakes are harder to correct than on a floating floor, but the extra stability can make it worth it. Using a tub of adhesive can take a while, so look for self-adhesive LVT floors or carpet tiles to speed up the process. This way you get all the benefits of adhesive without it eating into your time. Nailing that is common for wood floors should be avoided – it may be long lasting but the initial process can take a long time to carry out and mistakes are a nightmare to correct.

Other Tips

Acclimatisation is strangely the aspect people tend to forget about considering it takes the most time. It is necessary to leave flooring in the room to get used to the temperature and humidity conditions so it doesn’t warp or shrink once installed. Non-natural materials require the least time for this, so choose LVT if you want your flooring to be installation-ready in 24 hours. This is followed by laminate at 48 hours, whereas natural solid and engineered wood floors can take anywhere up to two weeks. As for tearing up an old floor to install the new one, consider that sheet vinyl, carpet, and laminate can be laid on top of existing flooring, including tiles, carpet and sometimes even wood.

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