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6 Storage Solutions For Big Families To Keep Clutter At A Minimum

Kitchen storage unit with plants on top

6 Storage Solutions For Big Families To Keep Clutter At A Minimum

When you have a big family, it can feel impossible to keep all of the stuff under control. But if you can figure out how to best use the empty space for storage, you’ll find a few surprisingly easy and effective ways to cut back the clutter and make your home more organized and healthy.

1. Use Every Side Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

You can start small by adding hooks or small shelves to the open sides of your cabinets to hold anything from tin foil to brass pans. It will free up space for your clutter, and it’s a good decorative idea to give your kitchen a rustic feel.

If you’re able to take on a slightly bigger project, you may consider a small renovation to make even better use of your kitchen and bath cabinets and the space they’re in. This kind of project can be well worth it to open up space for necessary shelving, create an area to help keep your cookware organized, or add drawer units that make things more accessible.

2. Put Shelves And Boxes In Your Closets

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Sometimes when your closet only has one shelf, there’s actually room for two. Space your shelves out strategically then put everything in storage bins, slap a label on them, and throw them up on your closet shelves. Not only does it look better, but now you can put more things on top of those boxes!

You can also consider installing small open shelves. That leaves space for your bulky closet items while still creating more storage above the small ones.

3. Install Hooks Everywhere

Hooks on a white wall

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Hanging hooks in your house is one of the easiest DIY projects, and it turns the walls themselves into storage space. Put them in your bathrooms to hold everyone’s towels, inside kitchen cabinet doors to hold up pot lids, or even on the walls of your living room to keep all of your TV remotes organized. Everything becomes easy and quick to put away when it belongs on a wall hook – and when things live on the walls, they won’t be on the floor.

4. Utilize All Of Your Bathroom Space

Modern bathroom with round tub

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Your bathroom likely has some of the most underutilized dead space in the house. A little bathroom home improvement can create space for your clutter with cabinets underneath your sink, above your toilet, or on unused parts of the wall.

Accessories for the sink and tub also help, like hanging shower caddies, toothbrush holders big enough for everyone in the house, or makeup organizers in bathroom cabinets to organize toiletries.

5. Get The Kids To Put Away Their Own Toys

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This one sounds the craziest, but stay with us! Kids are willing to do most things so long as you make it into a game. When they know that whoever does the best job cleaning up after playtime gets a prize, they’ll learn the habit of cleaning up with a minimal amount of pain.

This works even better if they have their own storage spaces in their room. If you get them a personalized space for their toys, it will feel special for them and look great for everyone.

6. Get Storage Boxes For Underneath The Bed

Stylish childrens bedroom

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Turns out that the real monster under the bed was the wasted space. Get some short but wide storage boxes to slip under all of the beds in your home, label the outward-facing sides, and be amazed as the bedroom clutter vanishes.

They might be a bit of a hassle to get out, but that’s why they’re ideal for things you only need occasionally, like old games, costumes for dress-up parties, or winter clothes during the summer.

Clutter happens when there’s so much stuff that it feels like a massive job to put it all away. But when you have easy-to-access storage, cleaning up becomes a snap.

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