3 Ways To Increase the Safety And Security Level Of Your Home

3 Ways To Increase the Safety And Security Level Of Your Home


Domestic safety and security should be every homeowner’s priority. Here are 3 practical and simple ways to improve the effectiveness of your home security.

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Home security is something that should never be taken lightly. But over the years, there have been a lot of breaking and entering cases that could’ve been prevented if proper security equipment had been installed in the home. This is especially true for entryways: gates, doors, and windows.

With the rising threat of theft and burglary cases around the country, tighter home security matters now more than ever. It’s best to have a security system in place to keep your family and your home safe at all times. Here are 3 ways you can improve your home’s security measures.

Secure All Doors

For inward swinging doors, a security door brace is ideal to use. It was the most effective security barrier for home use among the 9 door security device types that were tested for ease of deployment and level of effectiveness.

When choosing a security door bar, make sure that it fits most door handles. Additionally, ensure that it has a rubber grip at the bottom that works on different floor types, like wood, laminate, carpet, tiles, and concrete.

The gripping power of the door brace is important if you want to make sure that the door won’t budge when force is applied to open it. Even if an intruder succeeds in picking the door lock, the security door bar would prevent them from gaining further entry.

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A door brace deploys easily and quickly, which saves precious time in case of a break-in situation. This piece of equipment will definitely reinforce your home safety and security system. For optimum protection, it’s best to have one for each door that serves as an entrance to your home to keep all doors break-in-proof.

Secure Windows

Windows are quite tricky to secure as there are building codes that a property owner should adhere to. Window bars are a good option, but they may not be for everyone.

Security experts advise the installation of glass break sensors that monitor sound and vibration in the window area. When the shock sensors detect sound and vibration, they will trigger the alarm system and set the alarm off.

Moreover, unlike window sensors that only monitor movement, break sensors can detect the sound of glass shattering (based on sound frequency), and any movement in the area. The sensors can remain armed at all times, which makes them convenient to use.

To avoid false alarms, adjust the device sensitivity. You can test the sensitivity level using a glass break app or by clapping your hands near the window where the break sensors are installed.

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If you want to increase the security coverage around your home, opt to install multiple break sensors in rooms with multiple windows. This ensures that every window in your home is within monitoring range. Security camera placed on a wall

Upgrade Your Security System

Two of the best ways to upgrade your existing security system are to switch to wireless monitoring and to install smart home features. These upgrades allow you to monitor your home even while you’re away and contact the authorities much faster than before.

While traditional alarm systems are connected to phone lines, wireless monitoring sends signals through cell towers instead of over the phone line. This means that if an intruder cuts the phone line before breaking into a home, you’ll still be alerted to the break-in.

Switching to wireless monitoring eliminates this risk of a cut phone line and ensures that the alert reaches the authorities, so they can respond to the situation. Additionally, wireless monitoring, like smart home technology, has live monitoring and remote control features that give you the ability to check on your home wherever you are, at any time of the day.

To compliment your security system, smart home features like automatic door locks, automatic garage doors, and motion detectors can all be controlled via an app on your phone. This allows you to arm or disarm your door locks, garage door, and security system no matter where you are.

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Lastly, smart lighting allows you to program your lights to come on at different times during the day. It creates an impression that someone is home when you’re away on business or travel, and deters intruders from entering your property.

The level of control and interaction that you have with your security system gives you more peace of mind; you no longer have to worry about forgetting to lock your doors when you leave. You can do all these remotely in a convenient and safe way.

Nothing is more important than your personal and family’s safety. Make sure you’ve got everyone and everything covered by upgrading your security system and having the right window and door safety equipment in strategic areas of your home.

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