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How To Investigate A Motorcycle Accident Case?

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How To Investigate A Motorcycle Accident Case? Staff
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Injuries and loss of life have been progressively increasing due to accidents in the past few years. Therefore, motorcyclists need to be much more cautious when on the road. In urban areas, the ratio of motorcycle accidents is greater compared to rural areas.

After an accident, call an ambulance, immediately get medical care, and proceed toward investigation to find liability. More than one party is involved in liability under “comparative negligence”, which means each party has its own contributions share.

Most of these incidents occur in an attempt to avoid collision on the motorcyclist part resulting in motorcycle crash injuries. In this article, we will discuss the most important steps in investigating a motorcycle accident case.

Determine Whose Fault Was it

Look for the at-fault party by keeping in mind that multiple parties can be involved in the case, including the government (because of maintenance issues). The car is the collision partner in most cases. Collision results mainly when other drivers fail to perceive the bike.

Look For Evidence On The Crash Site

To collect evidence, look for tire skids, broken parts, damage to barriers, mud and blood, oil stains, scrape marks, signs and traffic light positioning, and road layout. These will help find the vehicle’s trajectory and how the accident occurred.

Check The Maintenance Of The Motorcycle

Motorcycles don’t have many safety and protective features like other vehicles. The owner must go for regular inspection as there can be tire issues, breaks failure, or a lack of protective gear.

Examine Motorcycle

Examine motorcycle and other vehicles involved and contact and investigate drivers to gather findings of what happened before and during the accident, thus reconstructing an accident.

Prefer On-Scene Investigation

There are two types of investigations include; on-scene investigation or follow-up after the crash site has been cleared. On-scene investigation makes more valid data collection possible, while delayed investigations are complicated, time-consuming, and harder to complete.

Take Photographs

Photograph the incident site, vehicles, and injuries from different angles. Pay attention to all critical areas of damage like tires, bulbs, and other areas of impact and movement.

Look For Other Factors Involved

Carefully investigate other factors like speed, rider skills, health conditions, maintenance of vehicles and roads, weather conditions, and unsafe lane changes as well.

Assess Injuries Site, Extent, And Severity

Motorcycle accident injuries mainly result in abrasion, laceration, etc. However, there can be severe head injury, internal organ damage, limb loss, paralysis, or other life-threatening condition, i.e., in accidents due to roadside barriers. Consult a doctor to understand the extent and severity of injuries.

Look For Eye Witnesses

Eye witness testimony is beneficial in proceedings of motorcycle accident cases. Compare and relate their statements that will either contradict or support your assumptions.

If the case goes to trial, it is discussed in court, and the final decision is taken based on arguments and witnesses. Victims can seek a personal injury lawyer for compensation in case of damage to property or life.

These personal injury lawyers are experts in their field, and they will help you get fair compensation. Compensation, in this case, is determined by the severity of the injuries and the effects these injuries have on the victim’s performance and job.

The investigator should try to be there within a few minutes. Crash sites have a lot of stories hidden underneath to tell. Therefore, the investigation must be thorough, covering all aspects.

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