10 Simple Ways to Create a Productive Work Environment


To-Do lists and project management tools are great when it comes to being productive, but if your office space is a mess then you’ve already lost the productivity battle!

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Your work environment can determine how your days and years on the job will unfold.  The workspace where you spend at least 40 hours a week is crucial to your success and productivity.  Factors can range anywhere from room temperature to vending machines.  Here are some easy ways you can foster a better working atmosphere in the place where you spend most of your waking hours:

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Imagine that feel-good factor when you close each of your workdays with complete satisfaction by being entirely productive – Good, isn’t it? And especially, when you have accomplished everything on your to-do list! It gives you a sense of relief when you have efficiently done all of your tasks. Read...
  1. Create harmony in your workspace.  The ancient Chinese art of feng shui serves as your guide here as you strive for the perfect setup in your office.  Create a sense of balance between light and dark color tones to hard and soft surfaces.
  2. Clean up the mess.  Cluttered workspaces foster laziness and keep down morale.  Use a date book instead of thousands of sticky notes.  File away as many loose papers as you can.  Arrange power cords in an orderly fashion and keep them out of sight.
  3. Create a comfort zone.  You strive to live comfortably so why not work comfortably?  Bring in pictures of friends and family.  Listen to soothing music and, perhaps most importantly, get a comfortable chair.
  4. Have the best equipment you can afford.  Don’t skimp on lighting as you’re most likely reading non-stop throughout the day.  If the office is too hot and the A/C is on the fritz bring in a fan.
  5. Make rules to govern your comfort.  Let it be known to coworkers when you can’t be bothered.  Let your family and friends know that your office is for work only; don’t be afraid to set up rules to ensure your productivity.
  6. Take a real lunch.  Don’t eat lunch at your desk.  If you eat at your desk you’re bound to establish lazy habits.  Additionally, the accompanying messes and odors that come with your lunch will only bog you down further.
  7. Restrict the noise level.  Keep your door closed if you work in a busy office with loud noises.  Select a workspace far from televisions and common areas.
  8. Rearrange your office.  Switching up your workspace will keep you sane.  Breaking up the monotony of showing up every day to the same place will keep you fresh.
  9. Keep the air flowing.  Stagnant air can be unhealthy over the long term.  In the short term, you’ll feel more alert with a steady air flow.
  10. Provide a personal touch.  Avoid the cookie-cutter office and make your office feel a bit like home.  Adding a sense of your personal style will make you feel more empowered.



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