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Business Tools & People You Need Now

Business Tools & People You Need Now

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Do you ever see those business owners, who seem to have everything under control all the time? The handle business meetings, calls, work, new business, ideas, finance, social media… And sleep? It might look like that are just none stop productive machines, but the chances are they are using tools to underpin their day to day running of the business. It might not even be mind-blowing for you, but good tools make great business sense.

Social Media

Yes, Buffer and Hootsuite, and even Socialoomph are great. There is no doubt about it, having your social media campaign running automatically is ideal. You can sip coffee in Paris while you’re latest products are being pushed to all of your social media channels. But what else is worth knowing about? Well, Instagram and Pinterest are substantial traffic drivers. So it’s time to take them seriously in your social media marketing. Tailwind is an excellent tool for this. It allows you to auto post, repin content and join tribes to skyrocket your reach, engagement and conversions.

Think about more than just flushing your own content, but curating beautiful and informative feeds. So that there is a reason to follow you and your platforms. Use something like CoSchedule to analyse your headlines before you tweet them out into the world so that you get the most from them.

You should also take a look at Heyo for making social giveaways and competitions easier.


The correct storage is a gift from the technology gods. You can be sure that you can access everything you need to, whenever you need to and on almost any single mobile phone, tablet or computer. Sending big files is something that is pretty common. And it’s even more accessible than in previous years. There are some big names in the cloud storage and link sharing realms but what matters is always the service you get.


No man or woman is an island – ever noticed how the higher up in a company someone is the more people they have in their team? Well, the simple fact is that all of those people serve a great purpose. And, yea, you might only be a small enterprise, but you might be surprised to learn just how many people hire virtual assistants to tackle a myriad of jobs. They can handle your emails, booking meetings, sort your travel out, data mine, research, collection & collation of documents, schedule your social media… and so much more. They aren’t overly expensive to hire and can do a lot with their time. Of course, a seasoned VA will be slightly more, but they are worth much more.

It is never a weakness in business to admit you need help – it’s just smart! If you have a knowledge gap, plug it by learning it yourself or finding people who do. If the cost of getting the job done means you can earn more in the long term, then it is an investment worth making.

Featured Image: Photo by Fab Lentz on Unsplash
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