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Business Benefits Of Good Health And Safety At Work

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Business Benefits Of Good Health And Safety At Work

Case studies have shown that if you have good health and safety practices in your workplace, it improves the profitability of a business and the performance of the workforce. You must also remember that it can end up costing more money if you have poor workplace health and safety.

There are health and safety software packages available today, that help you to track and manage incidents, analyze data, and create reports to support in making the right decisions. You should consider installing one of these at your workplace for better management.

If you neglect safety practices, then everyone from individual employees to national health systems loses out. A safety incident can set you back in many ways. It is advisable to invest in good health and safety standards to prevent frequent incidents and losses.

Here are some business benefits from following good health and safety practices:

Workforce Protection

You can use effective health and safety practices to protect your staff from getting injured and thereby retain loyal and skilled workers by warding off:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders and back pain
  • Injury from slipping and falling
  • Falls from high places
  • Accidents involving work vehicles
  • Strains, aches, and pains resulting from using display equipment like computers

You will reduce the chances of employees developing:

  • Vibration and sound effects
  • Asthma
  • Skin diseases arising from work conditions
  • Asbestos-related infections

Decreased Sick Leave and Absences

If there is good health and safety conditions at work, your employees will take fewer days off. This will save direct and indirect costs due to staff absence.

Staff Retention

Reducing staff absence due to staff accidents or illnesses will mean that people will remain with the organization. You will save money and time for recruiting new staff members.

Company Reputation

Good health and safety practices will help you to build and improve a positive image for your company with staff as well as clientele and their social and professional circles. The resulting public relations boost could help to increase sales and generate more business leads.

Profitability and Productivity

Following good health and safety guidelines means that you have enabled your workforce to be able to do their work in a safe environment without fear. This will improve morale, increase productivity, and bring down costs.

Cost Saving

Good health and safety standards in the workplace can bring down your insurance premiums, as well as the costs of accidents that your insurance does not cover, such as production delays, sick pay, or repairs to equipment or plant. Uninsured costs are often greater than insured costs, and the business must pay for them, often costing a great deal of money.

In some places, you will get tax breaks or states grants and subsidies as well for creating a healthy and safe work environment. Get software to automate incident management and take the right decisions regarding the safety and health of the personnel that you employ! It will generally create a better atmosphere for everyone concerned!

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James Hughes is a freelance HR consultant and writer. After working for several high-profile businesses in the city, James is now supporting businesses through difficult times as an independent consultant. James is currently writing for Effective Software, with a focus on improving health and safety as a catalyst for internal change.
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