Back To Uni: 10 Must-Have Gadgets For Students

Back To Uni: 10 Must-Have Gadgets For Students


In this post we look at 10 must have gadgets you should take with you to university from smart notebooks to notebook locks.

10 must have gadgets for students
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You’re now the best chef in your student digs, you’re balancing your work and study life well and you’ve become a dab hand at taking lecture notes but what about some gadgets that’ll make your life even easier?

In this post we take a look at some useful (and fun) items that will make your student life a breeze. Please note that this post isn’t sponsored but title links marked with a * use an affiliate link to the product (I have to fund my coffee habit some how!).

The following are just examples to get you thinking – before you buy something please make sure it does what you want it to and it’s within your budget!

This article features Amazon affiliate links which are marked with a *. You won’t be charged any extra but we may make a small commission on any purchases you make

Evernote Moleskine Smart notebook *

I love Moleskines and I’m also a user of Evernote – although nowhere near enough of a power user to understand all it’s bells and whistles! Moleskin and Evernote though have teamed up to bring your paper-based world into your online world. Write your notes in your Moleskine, tag it with the stickers provided, snap a photo of it with your phone’s camera and their app and voilĂ ! Your notes are now in Evernote and are completely searchable. Awesome!

Closeup of a door lock with a key in it and a house-shaped keyring
Your home is your castle, and you want to do everything that you can to ensure that it is as protected as it possibly can be. There are plenty of actions that you can take to keep your property well looked after, and we will be discussing a few of...

G-Technology G-Drive *

This hard drive is primarily geared towards Mac users as it comes with plug-and-play Mac OS setup but you can easily format it for use with a Windows Machine. It’s got USB 3.0 for fast transfers and a whopping 1TB of storage so that’ll take care of all of your lecture notes, research, iTunes library and films plus it’s only around 280 grams so it’s really light to carry around too.

Portable Power Pack *

Charge your phone and laptop on the go with this powerful power pack. With a variety of connections, it’s a great addition to any student backpack.

Laptop Cooling Pad *

If you’re burning the midnight oil on an essay, you don’t want to be burning your leg hair as well thanks to an overheating laptop! This cooling pad can be angled so you can find a great typing (or viewing) angle and is very quiet even though it has powerful fans.

From Passion To Profit

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer *

You’ll be making a load of memories whilst you’re at Uni – especially during freshers week… oh, wait, maybe you don’t want to be reminded of those! The Polaroid ZIP printer works with both iOS and Android devices, simply connect over bluetooth and you’re ready to print those embarrassing party photos using the new zero ink technology. Time to start practising your duck face I think!


I know, I know, I think this one goes without saying but for those of you on the fence, It’s cheaper than getting a TV license or cable subscription, and is a lot healthier than heading out to the student union every night – if only it was around when I was at Uni!

Amazon Fire TV Stick *

View all of your Netflix binge obsessions in full HD on the TV! Why sit hunched over a laptop when you can cast loads of content to the big screen.

Student Survival Pack

There’s always something you forget to take with you to university (even if you’ve followed my essential guide of what to take with you so have someone take the guess work out of it with these pre-made packs for a load of different eventualities.

Project and Next Action Organisation
Sometimes simple is best! In this post I take a look at a simple method of Project and Next Action Organisation.

Anti-Theft Laptop Bag *

Carry around your laptop in style, but ensure that all of your tech gear is secure at the same time.

Security Cable For Notebooks, Laptops and PC *

It’s a sad state of affairs but it’s a common thing to have something portable like a laptop stolen. All it takes is you popping to the loo at the coffee shop and leaving your laptop on then table, or leaving your dorm room unlocked. Using a laptop lock allows you to secure your device – or at least make it very awkward (and hopefully not worth the time) to steal.

Over To You

Is there something that you can’t live without at University or College? Let us know in the comments

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