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9 Top Tips For Finding A Career In The Music Industry

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9 Top Tips For Finding A Career In The Music Industry Staff
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Breaking into the music industry has never been very easy. There are always thousands of different bands and solo acts that are trying to get gigs and get their music recorded. It can be very hard work getting yourself spotted. Sometimes, even the most talented musicians, singers, or bands don’t even get to go anywhere in their careers because they just haven’t been spotted or have been overlooked.

In this article, we’re taking a look at how you can find a career in the music industry.

1. Study Your Craft

If you want to succeed in the music industry, you will need to study your craft. Whether you are a singer, a musician or you are a producer, you will need to know your craft back to front.

You may be self-taught or you may want to go and study music production. The more you know, and the better you can perform, the more chance you will have of getting picked up.

Taking a course to improve your skills is a great opportunity to network as well as to learn. Networking is important in the music industry as you never know who can help you to get your next gig.

2. Make Music That Your Audience Will Love

It stands to reason that you will want to make music that your audience will love, however, so often people will make music for themselves. If you want to make a success of your music, you cannot afford to be self-indulgent with the music that you make when you are just starting out.

3. Use The Right Online Channels To Promote Your Music

There has never been a better time to promote yourself within the music industry. There are so many different online platforms that you can use to promote your music.

Firstly, you have sites such as Bandcamp where you can directly sell your own music. You can also use platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, or YouTube in order to reach your audience.

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4. Promote Your Music Offline

While online promotion platforms will help you reach the largest audience, it is essential that you don’t overlook offline ways of promoting your music. Radio still plays a huge role in helping to break bands.

Get in touch with local radio stations and DJs and see if anyone will play your record. In addition to having your music played on the radio, you should also aim to be featured in other ways. Make yourself available for interviews or live sets too.

5. Develop A Thick Skin

There are numerous reasons why you will need to develop a thick skin when it comes to working in the music industry. Firstly, it is a long way to the top and it will take a lot of time, effort, and very hard work. Even if you work as hard as possible, you may still never get the break that you deserve.

Secondly, during your journey toward fame, you will find people that will criticize you and your music. You can’t please everyone all of the time, and reviewers and online commenters can be very harsh and cuttings in their words.

6. Diversify

Getting ahead in the music industry is hard work and money may be hard to come by at times. There are ways that you can still earn money based on your skills though, For instance, you may want to provide music lessons, play wedding gigs, or produce other local bands. ‘

7. Don’t Try And Get There On Your Own

There are lots of different reasons why you shouldn’t try and do everything for yourself. There may be times when you’re great at things, and times when you are better off letting someone else handle it for you, it’s important to know when you can turn to.

If possible, try and get an entire team of helpers around you.

8. Be Somebody That You Can Be Proud Of

Everyone wants to be the best that they can be, unfortunately, if you find fame there is a chance that the media will use anything bad to smear you. Try your best to make sure that there is nothing that they can use against you.

9. Know Your Goals

Where do you want to go in your career? Do you want to release several albums and receive critical acclaim, or would you like to tour the world and play live every night? Knowing what you want to achieve is essential

In Conclusion

Whatever you do, your music should be something that you enjoy making. Whether you put it together in a home studio or hire out a professional space, music has the ability to bring people together, make us more productive, reduce stress and evoke very strong emotions so it’s well worth looking into it as a hobby or even career.

Have you made your own music? Drop us a link to your Spotify or YouTube accounts in the comments below and let us know any tips you may have for budding music makers.

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