8 Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Your First Job


Getting your first job can be a really daunting experience. Don’t worry though, Dylan Menders is here to take you through some steps on how you can be productive in your first job and really impress your co-workers and managers.

8 Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Your First Job
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Congratulations on your graduation from college. You are lucky enough to have landed your first job and want to be the best at what you do. Excelling at your first job forms the foundation for a successful career. Below are a few tips on how you can increase your productivity and launch your career with confidence.

Create a plan

Setting the goals you want to achieve at the end of a certain period is key. It could be for each day, month or even a year. You and your manager can create a document with your game plan stating all the things you need to accomplish at the end of the first three months. Identify all of the tasks, projects as well as initiatives you need to complete.

Understand the criteria to be used to judge your performance

Do not be scared to ask your employer to clearly outline the requirements for success at your job. You will then not be surprised at your performance appraisal. Understanding what is required of you will help you find ways to meet and exceed the expectations of your employer.


Keep track of your activities and limit time spent on tasks

Now that you have a plan for all the various key tasks and projects you need to complete, you need to schedule how much time you allocate to each task daily. Working with no schedule may lead to you spending more time on some tasks over others due to various factors. For instance, you might end up spending more time on tasks you find easier to do at the expense of the more challenging ones. Rescue Time is a tool that can help you monitor the amount of time you spend on each task such as how much time you spend on social media, apps or emails.

Editor’s Note: I use Timecamp to track all of my web development activites and Hours Tracker on my Phone for other items I want to keep an eye on (the Android version has a great widget)

Set deadlines for completing tasks

Although no one likes stress due to deadlines, sometimes a little bit of self-imposed stress can prove to be a positive thing. Strategic deadlines can help you prioritize and remain focused hence enabling you to reach your goal on time. For instance, if a project has no time limit, try setting a deadline for when you want it finished. Setting it yourself makes you accountable for your own goals. Your ability to meet the deadline is the criteria by which you gauge your success or failure.

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Be proactive

Proactive employees are the ones who come up with ideas and suggestions on how they can improve and add value to the company. It means you have to take responsibility for your life and your actions. With a proactive approach, you do your best by anticipating the problems that may arise and come up with new solutions for them.

Professionalism, promptness as well as efficiency

Arrive at work on time or better yet try to arrive earlier than your employer and stay at work until the end of the day or later than you are required. Doing this will make him/her see that you have the drive to work hard. Take only a few short breaks between tasks. Breaks help keep your brain sharp and uphold a constant performance level. Do not miss work unless it’s absolutely essential and then if you have to be absent, try and work from home.

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Never cease learning

You might have thought that you were done with learning and research. Learning new things each day keep your brain young and active. Once you have settled into your new job, consider taking online as well as offline courses that can help you improve your productivity. Take advantage of any training opportunities that may be available in your organization. More learning will increase your expertise in your chosen field.

Prove your value

So you completed a certain project successfully? Well, good for you. However, do not let this go to your head. You will not be judged based on past performance, hence you have to dust yourself up and do it all over again. Keep working hard to prove your importance and value to your organization.


Your performance at your first job has a significant impact on your consequent jobs. This is where the recommendations come from. Although starting a new job is stressful and nerve-wracking, the key to being more productive and reaching goals you desire is to do your best.

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