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7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring Developers For Mobile App Development

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7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring Developers For Mobile App Development

There is no shortage of mobile app development companies in today’s world with tall claims. Many of them will gladly bag your app project but will not fulfil your expectations from the app. This has been the case with millions of apps for which businesses hurried to find developers.

We advise you to go slow and consider all the factors that can play a significant role in shaping an app’s success. Prepare some questions to evaluate the development companies before actually hiring one for your app project. Here we formulate these questions for you.

Can I Look At Your Portfolio Of Apps Developed All These Years?

This is something from where you should begin your discussion. By looking at the portfolio of apps they already built, you can easily understand their capabilities and check whether their tall claims meet their abilities in actual projects.

Here let us remind you instead of only looking at app screenshots, and so-called video content cannot give you confidence. To evaluate the development company with full exposure, you need to download some apps from their portfolio and experience the app on your own. Look for the features and design elements you were searching for.

What Is The Methodology And Development Approach You Have?

Now, get a more profound overview of the company by looking at their development approaches and the preferred methodologies. Since both agile and DevOps are the most popular development methodologies at this moment, you should take a clear call on which method suits your upcoming app project.

DevOps typically suits enterprise apps with too much demand for operational efficiency. You can ask the development company about their prior experience with the DevOps approach and the apps built using this methodology.

Agile methodology suits complex app projects with performance smart features and demand for faster development. Again, please inquire about the development company’s experience with this development methodology and review their app projects utilizing the agile method.

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Agile Everywhere

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Lastly, if you have a small budget app project and prefer to build an MVP app to come with additional features with subsequent updates, you must inquire about their expertise with MVP app projects.

What Kind Of Understanding Do You Have Regarding Our Business And Customers?

If you are a B2C business and are interviewing a development company with predominant B2B app development expertise, you are wasting time. So, it would help if you evaluated whether their expertise concerns your business type and audience.

On top of that, you must evaluate whether the development company understands your business model and target audience. Can they brainstorm new ideas to cater to your customers better? If you are into the entertainment business, you may inquire whether the developers know the advantages of real time mobile applications and key technologies used for developing them. It is always wise to hire developers who already have app clients among your competitors or the niche.

How The Development Company Prefers To Communicate When The Development Is On?

Across all app development projects, communication with the clients plays a key role. In any case, the app ideas and the processes should not be confused, and there should be an explicit provision for client iterations during the app project.

It would help if you made it clear that you should be informed well in advance regarding every deviation from the predetermined development plan or any other design and development decision taken by the development company when the development is on. The development company should also have a consistent mechanism to stay in communication with the clients.

What Are The QA And Testing Processes You Follow?

App testing and Quality Assurance refer to the final and ultimate stage in the development process and is also one of the most crucial ones to impact app performance and quality directly.

Inquire whether the development company follows the continuous testing method and a dedicated mobile QA testing team. Also ask how they intend to test the user interface to ensure the app comes with user-friendly interface and navigation.

Lastly, you also need to inquire about the automation tools they use and the user experience testing process, and the sample size of users, devices, and emulators they use.

What Kind Of Security Policy Do You Have To Safeguard The Interest Of App Projects?

Maintaining optimum data security is a key consideration for any app project that you can compromise with, and hence you must inquire about their security measures, tools, and protocols.

Ask how they are going to maintain data security for all information stored within the app. Also, inquire about their choice of tools and measures to combat common security vulnerabilities and how they are going to protect user privacy. Discuss the data security standards, guidelines, and compliance standards that need to be followed in the app project.

What Level Of Skill And Expertise Developers Have?

Despite the company’s app portfolio and track record, you must inquire whether they have their best talents still with the company and whether they offer top not skilled experts in the required technology stacks for your app project.

In this respect, it is advisable to interview the developers with the required tech stack and evaluate their depth of knowledge, skills, practical way of doing bing problems, and command on the programming languages, tools, and OS platforms.

Does The Company Take Responsibility For Publishing The App In The App Store And Play Store?

One of the crucial requirements that a developer company must fulfil is to publish the app in the App Store or Play Store by utilizing their developer accounts. So, inquire whether they have registered any developer account and how many successful apps are still live from those accounts.

Ensure the development company takes full responsibility for publishing the app and making it live in the App Store or Play Store.

Are You Going To Provide Us With App Updates?

Any top app development company always takes full responsibility for the app maintenance and follows the development with timely updates. Make sure you ask the development company about this.

Ensure the contract mentions these maintenance and support requirements involving timely security and feature updates for the app project.


With so many tall claims, hiring the right developer talent for an app project often becomes challenging. But if you know evaluating the development company with the correct queries, this won’t be a problem. This list of questions offers an awful idea in that direction.

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