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7 Easy and Genuine Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Barstools in a bright kitchen

7 Easy and Genuine Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Most people do not realize just how much time they spend in their kitchens. It’s more than just a space for cooking and eating. It’s a place where all of the action in a household takes place. From chatting up with your spouse and entertaining guests on a Saturday evening to a Sunday morning with kids, the kitchen truly functions as the heart of your home.

So, it is a good idea to ponder upon some simple and practical ways you can decorate your kitchen and enhance its esthetic appeal.

Here in this post, we will discuss seven easy tips for decorating your kitchen. No, implementing these ideas won’t cost you a fortune. It’s fairly easy and cost-effective for everyone to put these ideas into action. Read on.

1. Establish a Focal Point

Think of how a visitor would see your kitchen the first time they get inside it.

Is the first thing that you notice the moment you get inside the kitchen appealing enough? If not, what would you rather have in your kitchen to create a great first impression?

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You can also ask your spouse on some ideas on this.

This quick exercise will help you gain a fresh perspective on which area in your kitchen can be turned into a focal point.

For most kitchens, you just need to decide on a focal wall and create a focal point on it. You can, for instance, create an eye-catching focal point by placing a large piece of art on a wall pained in a bold shade.

Don’t hesitate to try out a patterned, textured, or colorful wallpaper to enhance the visual appeal of your focal wall.

Even a potted plant or a vintage utensil can become a focal point in a kitchen. You just have to get a little creative. Your focal point just needs to be pleasing to the eyes and draw a visitor’s attention.

2. Open Shelving

Open shelving is one of the popular kitchen wall decoration ideas.

But this kitchen decoration idea works only when you have fewer cabinets in the kitchen.

You cannot, after all, undertake an expensive kitchen remodeling project just to enhance its visual appeal.

If possible, you can spend a little on getting two or three floating shelves installed on an open kitchen wall.

You can get floating shelves online or at a local store.

You can also remove one or two doors of upper cabinets to create some open space if you have some experience in DIY kitchen remodeling projects. Consider painting the back of such a cabinet or use colorful wallpaper.

First, store all your mismatched items such as glasses, bowls, etc. and Tupperware in kitchen cabinets. Next, try creating some visual space inside the kitchen by placing matching-items on the shelves.

For the best look, choose minimal and color-balanced items for display on the shelves.

For even better results, consider installing LED under-cabinet lighting.

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3. Let In More Light

In many cases, you just need to let in more light to make a kitchen look better.

Your kitchen’s color theme, clean lines, and graphic fixtures will appear more striking if you let in plenty of natural light.

Maybe you can opt for lighter curtains or install window blinds that can be opened during the day.

4. Be Creative with Utensil Holders

Utensil holders can add character to kitchen counters. They are also great for keeping kitchen tools at the ready when you cook your meals.

You can group utensils by material (e.g. plastic, steel, wood, etc.) and place them in different utensil-holders to create a streamlined visual appearance around your kitchen counter.

5. Thoughtfully Arrange Serving Pieces

If you think your kitchen looks cluttered due to less storage space, you can try arranging serving pieces in a creative way to create a more coherent look.

This is particularly important if your serving pieces are placed on top of cabinets or along the open shelves.

For best results, color-coordinate various items such as ice buckets, serving bowls, pitchers, mugs, plates, etc.

6. Decorating a Small Kitchen

With pots hanging on racks, you can add an old-world charm to a small kitchen. No, pot racks don’t have to hang from the ceiling. You can also consider wall-mounted pot racks for a small kitchen.

Additional shelving, hideaway furniture, pot racks, and cooking tool wall storage are some ideas that work well for beautifying small kitchens. If you are willing to get creative, you can easily manage to maximize limited living space.

7. Accessorize the Wall

You can showcase your favorite tools and objects by incorporating them on a kitchen wall.

From baskets and mirrors to vintage dishes and framed fabric swatches, a kitchen wall can be accessorized with different items, depending upon your design taste and personal preferences.

8. Keep Decorative Items Away from the Counter Space

It is a good idea to keep the essential counter space empty. After all, you don’t want decorative items to interfere in daily cooking-related chores.

So, when you want to display more than necessities in a kitchen, be sure not to clutter your kitchen countertops.

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Your kitchen can probably hold a multitude of different decorative items. But, it’s a good idea not to go overboard. Try to accommodate such items on open shelves or kitchen walls instead of using up the area around countertops.

If open shelving is not an option, you can use cabinet tops for placing items such as potted plants, artwork, etc.

This way, the countertop space below cabinets will remain free for all culinary matters.

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