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5 Things To Check When Buying Smoke Alarms

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5 Things To Check When Buying Smoke Alarms

 The primary responsibility of a smoke alarm is to alert the people in case of a fire. This aids in a timely escape without getting injured. Reputable brands like Evadare smoke alarms play a watchdog and allow you to enjoy a sound sleep.

As per the Australian legislature, homeowners are required to install a photoelectric alarm in their houses. Such alarm-type functions well during smouldering blazes, which is a common type of household fire.

For its people’s safety, Queensland has regulated the up-gradation of smoke alarms in all residential premises, including the rented dwellings.

A smoke detector is a life saviour during times of emergencies. It becomes essential to check for the below five things while buying the alarm.

A Certified Alarm System

The detector must be installed at each point of exit. Installing it in bedrooms on every floor guards your loved ones. You can gauge the quality of the sensor from the accreditation of the Australian Standard AS 3786 certification.

It is worthy to note that the standard is subject to a variation depending on the specific administration. For instance, the newly installed detectors in Queensland must be in line with AS 3786:2014, whereas the earlier version of 3786:1993 is still permitted in some other states.

The Battery Life

A fire detector requiring an annual replacement may not be the choice of a smart buyer. Failure to replace the battery in any year can get extremely hazardous. You must look out for a pre-installed battery having a longer life.

Devices like Evadare smoke alarms are equipped with a fixed lithium battery, which lasts for ten years. This spares you the stress of having to remember the battery change.

The Button to Test It Out

The test button will aid in knowing if the detector is functioning correctly. The detectors are typically tested by pressing the test button until a sound is heard. This sound must be loud and strong.

A feeble sound indicates the need for a battery replacement. In case the alarm is beyond the reach of your hand, you may take the help of a broomstick. Alert your family before undertaking the test. Also, the family members being positioned at different corners of the house can give inputs if the alarm is audible at a distance or not.

The Guiding Light

An escape light in the alarm enables a safe exit from the household. Once the detector gets activated, it exhibits a bright light. The light emitted from the alarm guides the residents to the exit and is of great help during electricity failure. It helps an individual to panic less as the exit door becomes visible.

Protecting the Hearing Impaired

Everyone deserves equal care and protection. Impairment should never be considered as a hindrance. A smoke detector with a flashlight or a vibrator serves as a guardian of those having hearing difficulties. In case of a fire, the alarm reaches out the message by way of bright flashes of light or through a strong vibration under your pillow.

Preparing and practicing an escape plan helps in a quick exit during times of actual fire. Installing smoke alarms ensures the safety and protection of your loved ones.

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