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6 Tips For Choosing The Right SEO Consultant

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6 Tips For Choosing The Right SEO Consultant Staff
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Brand awareness is essential for any business to boost its sales and profit. While you may be reaching out to your current customers through emails, it’s important that your potential customers should know that you exist online. For higher online visibility on Google search engine results, one must hire an experienced SEO consultant who can help improve online sales, for example Press Release Distribution from Brand Push can help boost your website’s SEO. You should also make sure you choose reputable agency that has great customer service like this agency in Singapore, and ideally they should be in the same time zone so that you can communicate in real time with them.

Here are a few more tips on hiring the right consultant with a smaller budget and the right services:

1. Warning Signs For Bad SEO

Some SEO consultants know that you are new to SEO and do not understand how the rankings can be improved. They take advantage of this and try to convince you that they can provide exceptional results in Google rankings and conversions. SEO is a science, and one can get successful results following the rights steps. It takes time to improve your presence on search engines. So, if someone promises you great results in reduced time, you must know that they are just selling you a flashy presentation and are not experts.

Black Hat SEO is a major red flag that you must know.

It is a practice to increase the site’s rank violating the search engine guidelines. It includes keyword stuffing, buying links on other sites, and writing irrelevant content. Avoid this service if offered because you might get penalized by Google, damage business reputation, or even get blacklisted.

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2. Read Reviews and Get References

These days, every business provides reviews facility where users can give their feedback about the services they have availed. There are several third-party review websites where real people share their actual feedback, as most websites write fake reviews and expertise. It is a great way to protect oneself from falling into lousy SEO consultant services.

You can ask your peers or anyone who has worked with the consultant to improve inbound sales. Ask about their experience and analyze their feedback.

3. Know Your Goals and KPIs for SEO

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that tells how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. It determines whether the company is achieving its mentioned targets or not. Have a checklist of your KPIs and consult with your SEO to see how much they are working on to improve them.

Apart from these KPIs, it would help if you had some specific goals that you wish to accomplish, like several conversions per month or week.

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4. Review Their Sample Work

Reviewing a sample of the SEO consultant can give you a great insight into their work. Ask them about their previous clients and if they have worked in a similar field as your and their results in achieving goals.

Check their website thoroughly, and it’s content. One can get the idea of their work from the content written on their website. Some companies are more focused on their client rather than their own. Their site might not be up to the mark, but their work can be.

5. SEO Consultant Should Be Reachable

Good SEO consultants know that it takes months to achieve the result, and they need to create good communication between the two to keep confidence in them. Qualified SEO consultants consider their clients necessary and maintain clear communication by sending them SEO reports every fortnightly/monthly via mail. They are always available to communicate and reachable in case of any urgency. It should be mentioned before the start of the service when and how the company would communicate.

Also, you may want to consider using an agency that’s based in the same city as you, or the same time zone at the very least. There is little point hiring the Best SEO Company in Toronto when you’re based in Australia – the delays in communication would be too great and will make the communication process much more difficult.

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6. Be Ready With Your Queries

Keep your questions ready about how and the ways that an SEO company would achieve the results.

Few of the questions you can be ready with:-

  • When will we start to see results?
  • What fees should I expect?
  • What happens if I want to cancel?
  • What will you need from us to be successful?
  • Do you offer multiple contract/budget options? If so, what are they?


To compete in the high paced digital world, one must be good enough to show their presence. It is useful if you can do it yourself; for others, there are several reasons to reach out to a good SEO consultant. Montreal SEO consultant is an inbound marketing agency and can help you in SEO.

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