6 Great Small Business Ideas To Start In 2023

6 Great Small Business Ideas To Start In 2023


Opening up a small business is always a great idea. However, sometimes you have the means and the will, but you can’t seem to find the best business type for yourself. There are a lot of businesses you can open and all of them will require different levels of effort, funds, and dedication.

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Opening up a small business is always a great idea. However, sometimes you have the means and the will, but you can’t seem to find the best business type for yourself. There are a lot of businesses you can open and all of them will require different levels of effort, funds, and dedication.

It is always a great idea to start with market research to find out which business is the best option and which can be both profitable and useful to other people. So, let’s see some great small business ideas for the year 2023.

Cleaning Service

More and more people actually have less time to dedicate to their houses and their hygiene. What’s more, with more and more companies and offices being opened, the need for quality cleaning services is on the rise. The world always needs its cleaners and it is a good idea to start your own cleaning services. The size of your business will depend on the clients you intend to service, and there are a few types of this service to open:

  • House cleaning – great for busy people who need help maintaining their homes
  • Vehicle cleaning – some vehicle owners don’t have time to clean their cars on their own, and you can help them
  • Carpet cleaning – perfect for both home and business owners to get their carpets clean
  • Commercial cleaning – a business that will take care of big and small offices and their hygiene

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Food Delivery Services

If you’d like to get into food services but don’t want to open a restaurant, consider delivery. Food delivery services are high in demand with more and more people preferring to eat at home. If you want to start a smaller business, you can prepare the meals at your home and get them delivered. On the other hand, you can start a third-party food delivery business that will cooperate with restaurants and deliver their food to people.

Start A Bakery

Speaking of food, there are plenty of businesses to open in this industry. And bakeries and the demand for pastries, cakes, bread, and other products seems to be on the rise, and these are always essential. You can consider opening a small home bakery if you are skilled and willing to get the permits and start baking per order.

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However, do thorough research on what your state requires regarding permits and licenses to open a home-based bakery or a physical one. For example, if you want to open a bakery in Miami, Florida state requires you to obtain a Miami Business License and an IRS EIN.

Most states will require these elements, but it is worth researching to see if you’ve missed something. Also, you can consider opening a physical bakery in the city and start from there. Either way, you will need supplies and equipment. You can research locally for those or see what the bakery supply store in Miami has to offer. Do thorough research and make sure everything is up to code before you open and start preparing food.

Various types of bread rolls dusted with flour

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Pet Grooming

A lot of people have pets and they often don’t have the right equipment to groom them at home. That’s why more and more pet grooming businesses are being opened. You can even offer pet grooming services at their addresses and groom their pets in the comfort of their own homes. This way, you can stay flexible and only need to invest in the equipment. But opening a physical salon or having one besides home services is always a great advantage for regular customers.


The world is filled with loving but busy parents and there are never enough daycares in service. If you love kids and know your way around them you can get certified to open a daycare and help all those busy parents. This job can be fulfilling and rewarding and you don’t even need that much investment at the beginning. Just make sure to get the needed permits.

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Property Management

If you have experience in real estate or you are good at management, this can be a great business idea. There are a lot of property owners who don’t have time to manage properties and they need someone they can trust. And that someone can be you! You can fix broken stuff, collect rents, deal with tenants and so much more. It can be both thrilling and demanding but if you have great people skills and experience in real estate it’s worth it.

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the most profitable and in demand businesses today. They are certainly going to be even higher in demand in the future. If you have the skills and the means, some of these business ideas could be a great start of your own venture. Plus, you can help people since we all need a helping hand today due to high stress and too much work.

What do you think of our suggestions? Have you got a business idea for 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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