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5 Ways To Make Your Office Look Classy

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5 Ways To Make Your Office Look Classy

All work and no play is a cliché. In the present world, millennials love working. We like staying busy; we love our job. There is an undeniably growing affinity towards startups. We enjoy our freedom both at work and at home. But when it comes to working, we all need to stay focused. And this requires the workstation or the office work desk to be organized. But, organized is not synonymous to boring. Just a few changes and additions here and there can make a noticeable difference. It can make your work desk look organized, clean, and classy.

You might be working from home, even then you could use an office or at least a work desk. At work, the story is no different. A well organized and well-kept work desk always helps to focus better. It even makes working fun for a change. And why not? Most of the hours of a day are spent glued to a chair and staring at the screen. So why not make the workspace more comfortable, chic, and classy?

One thing that we all struggle with is keeping the work desk clean. While we work, we munch on food. We have a knack for crowding the work desk with empty containers and packets. Everything manages to find a place on our work desk; from the garage door keys to the used tissues, we have a place for all of them. And this needs to stop.

The first step to giving your work station a makeover is decluttering. You have to get rid of those unwanted old magazines, yesterday’s newspapers, unnecessary things in the name of decoration. Decluttering the area will give you a chance to think what you want on your desk, and where you want it. Decluttering is not easy. We, humans, have a penchant for attachments. But once you have cleaned the table, you will have a clean canvas to paint on. You can make it as sophisticated as you want; as elite as you wish.

So, how can you make your office look classy?

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Give the space a personal touch

Your workspace talks a lot about you. For instance, some people use flowers and vase to decorate their workspace. It is kind of cliched, but it is also the easy way. But if you are not a flower person, you can also use some small indoor plants. You will find a plethora of options when it comes to indoor plants. There are indoor plants specifically for work stations. If green or flowers is not your thing, then you can also opt for some photographs. But instead of the regular photo frames go for polaroids. Polaroids are cute, chic, and they are classy. They don’t take up too much space; they impart a personal touch to your work desk; they also remind you that you have a life outside work.

Get comfortable

Let’s be honest, we stay glued to our chair for hours. At times, we even do overtime. So why not make it cozy? It is a 9 to 5 job or a 9 to 9 job; comfort is a must. A comfortable chair to avoid a sore bottom is necessary.

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Add a soft cushion to support your back, to avoid back pains. You can even add a small stool to use it as a footrest. Be smart about the things you keep on your table. Coffee or tea is inevitable. Hence a coaster is a must. Get a pretty coaster for your graphics coffee mug or artsy teacup; this will enhance the aesthetic essence of your work table.

Keep it organized

Keeping all your things organized is one hell of a task. But, regardless, you need to keep it all together, organized, and clean. You can use those cute little cable clips. The work table is often a mesh of all the cables; cable of your desktop; your chargers; your hard drives and so on. Tame them and tidy your table with the help of some cute cable clips. Set up some modern shelves. These sorts of shelves have more space than a conventional shelf.

Arrange your folders and files efficiently. You can use different colored folders, according to the importance of the contents. Keep the A4 size papers in a single stack. Try to keep the desk tidy and stack as much as you can on the shelves. But be careful not to overload it.

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A little aesthetic touch

Replace your everyday magazines with some evergreen coffee table books. Books are associated with not only elegance but also intellectual sophistication. Even if you are not a reader, put up some books for the optics. But in case you are a reader, try not to clutter the workspace too much. Your work station shouldn’t end up looking like a work hub of an editor or a librarian. So do not overdo it. One at the max three books on your shelf should do the trick. This is the age of “less is good”, so keep that in mind.

Let there be space

Give your stationeries some space of their own. Instead of the conventional pen stands or, even worse, mugs as pen stands go for something different. These days there are plenty of options for storing your pens, rulers, highlighters, and so on. Make use of one of those to keep the colored pens well coordinated. Keep three basic colored pens. You do not need the whole stock of rainbow colored pens on your table.

While setting up your office, minimalism should be your mantra. The lesser, the better. If your office is at home, the same rules apply. But at the home office, you have the luxury to set up an entire room. So keep in mind not to overdo. Overdoing distracts you from the focus, from your work. And we do not want that. The workspace should be clean, chic, and classy. It should be inviting and not distracting.

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