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How to Make Hiring More Efficient

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How to Make Hiring More Efficient

While the workforce is moving more towards digitalization for a number of things such as job applications and hiring processes. This can help any company by taking a bunch of stress off of their shoulders and allowing them to get employees trained quickly and effectively.

If your company is looking into implementing new ways to get your hiring process streamlined here are 5 ways you can update your current system:

Don’t Wait Around

If you are trying to decide between 2 people it is both unfair to you and the candidates to bring them in for third and even fourth interviews. This is a waste of both your company’s time and the jobseekers. Trust your gut feeling and use your intuition when choosing a candidate. This can be difficult if you are new to hiring but it can become easier with time after you have interviewed a lot of different candidates.

There are immediate red flags when interviewing people and there may be a second in person interview for some follow up questions but if you are asking the right questions and being thorough in the screening process you should find great employees.

Automate, Automate, Automate

Since there is a major turn towards embracing technology there is a rush for companies to upgrade to the online system. If you are making that switch you may find that you need to have a mission-critical network infrastructure. A good Enterprise wireless solution allows companies to make the online switch and securely go digital while still allowing their company to grow.

Once you have a good solid online network you can focus on automating your system. This allows you to interview and look at only the best candidates without having to go through hundreds of resumes and determining who should be called for a phone interview.

Revise Old Job Descriptions

It may have been a hot minute since you have updated your job description postings on different job sites. This can be problematic because eventually, a gap will appear between what the candidate what expecting to do and what the actual job is. Your company should update job descriptions on a regular basis or if the job has any major changes. If the job description is accurate it will attract the right kind of candidates which makes any hiring managers job easier.

Practice HR Best Practices

Each year there are going to be different best practices for HR but the main theme is always putting your employees first. A big trend is talking about mental health in the workspace and letting your employees work remote so they have the option to not commute to work or stay in bed when they are not feeling too well.

This also shows you that you trust your employees and you know that they will get work done when you are giving them the freedom to take time off or work remotely. Practicing HR best practices will allow you to cut hiring time down which allows you to be more effective at your job.

Offer Incentives for Employees

There are a lot of ways that companies show their employees that they care about them. Some of these strategies come off as insincere and not well thought out. But a great strategy for any company that will benefit both the employees and the company is hiring incentives.

Not every incentive is going to be good for every company. Choose what job incentives will be best for your employees and make a plan to implement these incentives. If you do decide on using employee referral programs for your company it can create a strong network of great candidates that allows you to choose from the best of the best potential employees.

What are some systems that your company has used to streamline your hiring process? Be sure to share this with a friend or colleague that works with human resources.

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