5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Scissor Lift

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Scissor Lift


A Scissor lift is a handy piece of machinery used by construction firms to provide a stable and steady platform for employee lifting. So, what uses to scissor lifts have and when should you think about hiring one? Read on to find out.

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A Scissor lift is a handy piece of machinery used by construction firms to provide a stable and steady platform for employee lifting. It prevents workers from getting injured or falling off from high places. Compared with conventional ladders, this equipment is safer to use. It can help you save time as the lift can carry both the workers and their tools. If you have a construction that needs you to reach high places, you can rent out a scissor lift. Some companies provide scissor lift hire services as you do not need to purchase this equipment.

Uses of Scissor Lift

There are various functions of a scissor lift. Depending on where you want some work done, scissor lift hire is readily available to most construction companies. Just be specific about what areas they need to work on so that they can send the correct equipment.

Working under Cold Conditions

If you have building constructions that require you to get people to higher places, fix wiring connections, windows, among others under cold conditions, go for a scissor lift hire to make the work easier. The diesel scissor lifts are commonly used for this kind of work since they can withstand such weather conditions. Diesel fuel’s up this equipment which is a bit noisy, and it emits carbon. However, they are perfect for your outdoor construction jobs as it offers the necessary torque to lift the labour.

Indoor Construction

If you need to work on your roof, or maybe weld some loose steel bars, the best choice is to call a scissor lift hire. Climbing on a ladder while working on issues that are in high-places is not advisable. Instead, you can request for an electric scissor lift. This type of lift is perfect for indoor uses, particularly for big warehouses. Electricity power’s up this equipment. Therefore, you do not need fuel to make this lift work. It is perfectly safe to use this equipment inside your building. Compared to a diesel scissor lift, an electric lift is not noisy; so, it does not disrupt other people working in the area.

Outdoor Construction

If you need work done outside that does not require you to undergo training on operating a scissors lift, a hydraulic scissor lift is a right choice. It is easy to run, and the equipment does not require overlapping technical systems to work. Although this type of lift can also work outdoors, they are not advisable during winter. Since, this lift is powered by oil, during colder weather, the equipment operates slower. So, if you prefer to get your work done immediately, a diesel scissor lift is your best option for the winters.

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Rough Terrains

A rough terrain scissors lift is a smart choice for a construction site surrounded by rugged terrain. This specific type of scissor lift hire is designed exclusively for outdoor terrain. It also works best for heavy-duty construction. It has a high weight capacity with heavy-duty tires and additional safety functions to prevent the workers inside the lift from falling. It is a very critical feature when working on rough surfaces or a slope.


If you are worried about carbon emissions, as the diesel scissor lift, the pneumatic scissor lift is the right equipment to get. It is perfect for companies that are looking for ways to minimize carbon footprint. The advantage of this equipment is that they are acceptable for both indoor and outdoor facilities. The lift uses air to power up. So, if you are planning to use this for rough terrain, it will not be that useful as there is no fuel to power up the equipment.

There are other functions that a scissor lift can do for you. If there are high branches in your backyard or along the road that needs cutting down, you can hire a scissor lift from Lakeside-hire.co.uk to remove them. This machinery can make your work easier and safer.

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  1. It's nice that you pointed out how scissor lifts could prevent workers from getting injured or falling off from high places. We are planning to renovate our entire house and that means we need some equipment in order to be able to reach the high places. So, I think we should ask for aerial lifts rental services this time.

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