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5 Commercial Range Cleaning & Maintenance Tips for Restaurants

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5 Commercial Range Cleaning & Maintenance Tips for Restaurants Staff
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Out of all spaces, the kitchen is of considerable importance in a restaurant. The owners of a commercial range should ensure their employees’ safety when they work in the kitchen space. Prevent kitchen fires from happening at any cost. Also, food contamination is a strict no-no.

To ensure commercial kitchens’ safety and hygiene factors in restaurants, ensure regular cleaning and maintenance are mandatory.

Hygiene is a critical factor in any industry associated with food, and it is the responsibility of the restaurants to ensure the same to win the trust of the customers.

The manager responsible for taking care of commercial kitchen maintenance must consider all the components of commercial kitchen equipment when administering cleaning.

The commercial range is a huge investment for restaurant owners, and it is a good investment, though, as it generates revenue by improving performance and increasing productivity.

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But this payoff is possible if and only if the commercial range is well-maintained for optimal working performance.

Here are the top five maintenance tips to help you keep your commercial range clean and safe:

Consult Installation And Operation Manual Of The Commercial Equipment Range

Every commercial range is unique. One commercial range is different from the other concerning structure and operation process. Hence, every commercial range needs a different kind of maintenance regimen.

So, it is important to consult the concerned installation and operational manual for that particular equipment like the commercial oven provided to you by the manufacturer of that particular commercial range. Referring to the respective manual before you start the cleaning process of your range is warranted to ensure proper cleaning of the range without doing any damage to it.

Stick to a range-cleaning schedule

For the best performance, a clean and well-maintained range is a must. Otherwise, the range will not function at its optimum or might not function at all!

For example, if grease accumulates in gas burners, incomplete combustion may happen, which may lead to a decrease in inefficiency. This aspect could also invite serious safety concerns. If you often clean the light soils, you can have a longer interval between successive major cleanings.

From Passion To Profit

You must prepare daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules and adhere to them strictly. It is the manager’s responsibility in charge of the commercial equipment like the blast chiller to ensure that his kitchen staff sticks to that cleaning schedule.

Ensure Your Range Is Off And Cool

The staff usually makes a common mistake is that they may forget to switch off the equipment before cleaning. Moreover, sufficient time must be allowed after switching off the equipment for it to cool.

The cleaning staff must ensure that all the controls, knobs, and switches are turned off. Double-checking is always better. Until the equipment gets cool, it is advised not to wipe down the equipment’s surfaces (both inside and the outside).

Use A Soft Cloth, Water, And Harmless Soap For Cleaning

Abrasives and harsh chemicals may damage the surfaces of the equipment. Unless otherwise mentioned in the operational manual of the equipment, it is always recommended to use soap, water, and a soft cloth for cleaning.

Proper rinsing is necessary to render the surfaces of the equipment clean. To prevent equipment like the commercial coffee grinder from damage, streaks, and stains, adequate wiping until the surfaces get dry is a must.

When cleaning the equipment, the number plate, model, and series name are mentioned must be cleaned with caution. The use of certain chemicals for cleaning may remove such marks permanently. So, the use of proper cleaning material is advised.

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Attend To Spills Immediately

In case something spills on the equipment, it must be attended to promptly. Leaving such spillage and crumbs as it is for a long time may eventually lead to corrosion, and unattended spillage may lead to burning-on and even bacterial growth. Vinegar, tomato sauce, and such acidic items need special attention in this regard.

Cleaning commercial ranges by your staff is undoubtedly an easy and economical process. But, at times, the equipment may have wear and tear. Or you may not be able to clean the commercial range by yourself because of its complex structure.

In such situations, it is recommended to get the help of a service representative. Setting the minor repairs prevents huge expenses in the future. Proper and regular cleaning of the commercial range equipment in a restaurant ensures uninterrupted operation.

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