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4 Forms of Technology Helping Students Be More Productive

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4 Forms of Technology Helping Students Be More Productive Staff
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As a student, you can use technology to be more productive in your studies. Some of today’s latest technological advancements can improve your ability to more efficiently manage your time, engage with teachers, and study for exams. Such forms of technology include live video, interactive screens, and different types of web-based apps. Let’s take a closer look at how technology helps students be more productive.

Interactive Screens

Many of today’s modern classrooms come fully equipped with interactive screens. Instead of presenting information on a chalkboard, teachers can use interactive screens with full HD 1080p displays to engage students. Some even come with infrared technology, as well as interactive computer capabilities. Not only can educators make use of the boards, but students can also use them to give presentations. This prepares them for using interactive technology in real-world settings. Many of today’s interactive screens are compatible with Android, Apple, and Windows operating systems, making it easy for students and teachers to sync their smartphones with the screens.

Live Video

Live video in the classroom brings about a variety of benefits, including increased motivation, improved engagement, heightened student achievement, and robust discussions. Regardless of the grade level, live video expands educational opportunities and brings about new ways to teach and learn. No matter where you are in the world, you can connect with teachers and educators from all over the globe, thanks to live video. This is especially a benefit for 1:1 learning as well as group learning sessions. Live video can also be a significant advantage in places where education is not easily accessible.

Online Practice Tests

Before the internet became widely available, the only way for most students to access information was via textbooks and libraries. Studying for tests often required driving to school or a tutor’s home. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can now easily prepare for tests from the comfort of your home. Google makes it simple to perform an online search for online practice tests. No matter the subject you’re studying, you can take comfort in knowing that practice tests are available. Taking practice tests online saves you time and helps improve productivity. You can even access practice tests from your smartphone.

Web-Based Apps

Studying by reading through a textbook definitely has its advantages. However, textbook studying is daunting to many students and often results in procrastination, which is detrimental to improving productivity. Thanks to web-based apps, you can take part in a different form of studying. Apps such as Kahoot make it simple to turn your studying into a game. Friendly competition motivates you to study, and, even better, this form of technological learning is known for increasing learning engagement. Many of today’s web-based apps even enable students and teachers to customize the learning environment to a student’s specific learning needs.

Students should always seek ways to enhance their learning environment and productivity levels. With modern advancements in technology, it’s now easier than ever to accomplish both of these goals simultaneously.

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