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The Ultimate Organizational Checklist For Moving

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The Ultimate Organizational Checklist For Moving

Moving is never anyone’s favorite thing to do. Many people dread the moving process so much they’ll put things off until the last minute, then become overwhelmed and vow to never do it again. Unfortunately, you’ll likely move at least a few times in your life, which means you should learn how to move correctly to make it easier on yourself. The best way to make your move stress-free is to be organized. Here’s your ultimate organizational moving checklist to make moving to your new home easier.

Create A Folder

Create a moving folder as soon as you know you’re moving so you can start planning. Your folder can help you organize everything you need to do, pack, and all of the people you need to hire.

You can make your folder however you want, but you might want to start with a quick list of all of the preparations you need to make before packing. You should also include a timeline for when certain tasks, such as packing, should be completed.

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Make sure you keep all important paperwork about the move in your folder, including receipts, agreements with your moving company, notes, checklists, and what each person in your household is responsible for. You might also want to keep all of the documents about your new home in there, including your home inspection paperwork and mortgage agreement.

Gather A Packing Kit

Your packing kit should be complete with a sharpie, pen, and as much packing tape as you’ll need. You can keep your small kit near your moving folder so nothing gets lost.

Pack As Soon As Possible

Start your packing as soon as possible so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Packing is one of the things too many people put off for later when they’re moving, and it’s also one of the most stressful parts about leaving your home and moving into another. The more packing you do ahead of time, the more organized you’ll feel. Not to mention, you’ll save yourself a lot of time later in the moving process.

You don’t have to pack up the entire room at the beginning, especially if you won’t be moving for a month or so. Instead, pack up bulky items you won’t be using while living in your current home, such as seasonal clothing, decorations, and exercise equipment you haven’t used in months.

The closer the moving date gets, you can start packing up more items from other rooms like the kitchen. You can pack up most of your plates and leave only what you need or start using paper plates and cups to save yourself time later.

Create A Box Index

Creating a box index adds to the number of tasks you have to complete before the move, but you’ll thank yourself after you’ve arrived at your new home and started packing down the contents of each box on notepaper and keep it in your moving folder. Then, label the box with a number so you know where everything will go.

While you may think you’ll remember everything in every box, the truth is you won’t, especially because your mind will be racing the day of the move.

You might not feel like indexing every box, and that’s okay. If you’re getting tired of organizing and spending too much time worrying about the move, then it’s okay to leave a few boxes out. With most of your boxes indexed, you’ll be able to figure out where things are when you get to your new home.

Use Clear Bins When Possible

Using clear bins will allow you to see what’s in them so you don’t have to waste time tracking every item you’re moving. You can pack anything from shoes to toys in the bins and be able to find them quickly when you start unpacking.

Use Laundry Baskets for Clothes

If you don’t feel like folding laundry before the move, throw all of your clean clothes in a basket and use that to move your clothes. You can also use garbage bags.

Similarly, you can use laundry baskets for packing just about anything else. Just make sure you don’t overfill them or make them too heavy to carry.

Label Tops and Sides of Boxes

Always label both the tops and sides of your boxes so you know which boxes to take out of your moving truck first. This way, when you stack the boxes, you’ll still have one visible label so you can grab containers by room. It can also make it easier for the person carrying the box to look down at the box and know where it goes.

If you didn’t hire a moving company, ask your family friends to help you move. Make sure you thank them with a nice meal or presents because helping you move isn’t enjoyable for anyone.

If you hire a moving company too late, you might be stuck paying a more expensive bill. However, it might be worth it when you’re done backing to see how many boxes you have and how many heavy items you’ll need help carrying.

Make Plans For Pets And Children

Moving can be difficult if you have pets or young children. Make plans for them ahead of time so the stress can be a little easier on all of you.

Put Together An Overnight Bag

An overnight bag will give you a bag full of essentials you can use the night of the move and the morning after if you don’t feel like unpacking everything right away. Your overnight bag should include:

  • Toilet paper
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Pajamas
  • Clothes for the next day
  • Makeup
  • Face wash

Make sure everyone else in your household packs their overnight bag.

Moving this time doesn’t have to be as stressful or overwhelming as it was last time. Instead of waiting until the last minute to do everything, consider making a list and a timeline you can keep track of. The most important thing is you hold yourself accountable and get things done.

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