10 Efficient Tactics To Stop Getting Distracted


We all have interruptions in our lives from ringing phones to the pinging of emails, loud co-workers to the workman drilling across the street. In this guest post Rachel Bartee gives you 10 simple solutions to keep your concentration and get your tasks completed faster

10 Efficient Tactics To Stop Getting Distracted
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Being distracted happens quite often, especially when faced with a big task or one you are not really interested in doing. The fact is, every task needs to be done when a goal is set to meet the deadlines. Unfortunately, our daily life is such that it is full of numerous interruptions and distractions that we have to make an effort to keep out of sight or notice.

So, whenever you need to carry out an important task or to prepare a great presentation for your client, keep in mind the following techniques to help you stay focused.

1. Manage Your Schedule

If you have a lack of focus, your schedule probably needs some managing. People often tend to take on too many tasks or arrange their time in an impossible or difficult manner. What you should do is manage your working schedule to fit your abilities, focus and most appropriate time of the day.

2. Take A Break

Distraction can often occur as a result of tiredness and the only way to avoid this is by taking a break. You have perhaps heard of the Pomodoro technique where you count your time spent working and take breaks in between. If this is too strict for you, make sure that you take a break when you start feeling your mind wandering on to other subjects.

3. Put Your Phone Away

The best thing you can do is put the phone on silent, vibrate or simply leave it in another room. If you are still listening to the messages or the constant ringing from family and friends, simply turn it off while working.

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4. Block Media

You may have set the phone aside, but the TV and the computer are probably still near you. Hearing the noise from the TV in the other room or the radio can distract you from the task at hand. Try to stay focused on what you are working on and avoid media contact during working time. The fact is, the internet nowadays allows us to check news at any time, so you can do all this after you finish working.

5. Notification Break

The phone and the other technology gadgets are not only disturbing you when people want to contact you. Those notifications that appear on your phone or PC screen constantly turn your attention away from your work. You could simply mute notifications or turn off the phone completely.

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6. Set Communication Limits

Let’s face it – people love communicating with others. Turning off your phone does not mean that you are out of contact with people. When working, simple things such as movements and small noises can make you lose focus, so try to set some communication limits with the people surrounding you. Leave a room full of people and go to a place where you are alone in order to work more efficiently and not be disturbed.

7. Train The Brain

The brain gets easily distracted and even though you cannot do much to change it, you can try and train it to focus more easily. All above mentioned tips are a factor to this training, but you should also be persistent in fulfilling your goals in order to avoid distraction. People get distracted by different things. In order to train the brain to focus, try to get rid of all those things that make you lose focus at the first place!

8. Disconnect Yourself

Using headphones can be helpful in cases where your work spot is not as peaceful as you need it to be. Headphones can help you avoid urban noises such as traffic, construction, neighbors talking outside or children playing.

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9. Clear Out The Visuals

Everything around you can distract you. If you find yourself more relaxed with the TV off or find unnecessary programs on your computer distracting, make sure your working environment is as comfortable for you as possible. If you work on the computer, keep open only what you need for the work you are doing and try to organise your desktop the way not to have any apps and software icons you could be tempted to open as visuals add on much to distraction.

10. Set Up Your Working Zone

Visuals also include working zone condition. Some people do not get disturbed by a desk clutter, but some find this to be a big factor towards focus loss. If you mind your desk being a mess and your notes not having order, do not be that person. Adjust room temperature and light. Try to set up your working zone to best fit your working preferences.

Distractions can prove to be a real nag and this is why it is important to be proactive and minimize things that make you lose focus. Do you know other ways to avoid distractions? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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Rachel Bartee is a professional writer and editor at dissertation writing service Edugeeksclub who finds her passion in expressing her thoughts as a blogger. She is constantly looking for the ways to improve her skills and expertise. Her life principle is “Always do more than you can”. Get in touch with her on @rachel5bartee.
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1 thought on “10 Efficient Tactics To Stop Getting Distracted

  1. Love this post, Rachel!

    Personally I think getting distracted and procrastination go hand in hand. Distraction is simply an excuse to procrastinate; so the real issue is overcoming the deeper feelings of why it is you procrastinate which can prove to be very difficult.

    In addition to all of your tactics I want to suggest just one more: and that is to know what you want to do the day before. So, at the end of each day create a “to-do” list for the next day. It’s personally improved my work and the amount of stuff I get done and seriously cuts down on the option to be distracted.

    Keep on keepin’ on! 🙂

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