You’re Tracking It Wrong! Why Understanding Data Is The Key To Success

You’re Tracking It Wrong! Why Understanding Data Is The Key To Success


It’s all well and good having a lot of data – but do you know how to use it? This article looks the importance of data in the workplace and why you need to understand what to track and when to track it.

You're Tracking It Wrong! Why Understanding Data Is The Key To Success
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Without data, your business lacks direction. As every business relies on knowledge to move forward and to take actions against market fluctuations and competition, innovative behaviours and experiments, and internal complications related to self-growth, data carries the strategic future of your company. However, there is a big difference between having access to data and using the right data in the most relevant and productive manner. After all, having data can’t turn a business flop into a success. It’s the ability to monitor, analyse and drive the right conclusion from the right data.

In a data-driven business environment, it’s essential to ask yourself whether your data management is working for your company, or against your company objectives. To put it in simple terms, the question you need to ask yourself is: are you tracking data properly?

The Dilemma Of Google Analytics

Most newcomers to the digital world, especially freelancers who choose to use a blog to promote their personal brand, have read about the advantages of SEO and especially tracking their web traffic with Google Analytics. As a result, it’s not uncommon to find freelancers work actively on their keyword list and use the Analytics tool to monitor valuable interactions on their website. After all, Google Analytics is entirely free and completely user-friendly. But is it really?

The Digital Garage, the programme of free digital marketing workshop and advice launched by Google, has discovered that most users didn’t understand how to make the most of their Analytics account. In fact, the majority of clients of the Digital Garage, including small and big businesses, report that they don’t know how to interact effectively with the monitoring tool and how to drive a marketing strategy from the information collected. Whether you’re an independent or employed in a company, it’s a good idea to get expert support in implementing the right tracking strategy for your needs.

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From Passion To Profit

I’m A Scientist, Let Me Experiment!

In research labs, using the wrong data can destroy the results of experiments and damage the future of innovation. Whether your tools are not calibrated properly or whether external factors influence the experiment, the results could be dramatic. Imagine that a research lab works with settings that are slightly incorrect to discover a cure? A caliber error could end all chances! That’s precisely why it’s essential to rely on experts for the RF & microwave calibration of your equipment. Similarly to Google Analytics, you need someone to ensure you can track the right elements. Web scraping tools and other data gathering methods can provide you with the building blocks, but it’s up to you to work out how they relate to your business’ needs.

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The Productive Company That Runs Into A Wall

Most businesses track their success by measuring the profit realised. As a result, they don’t understand their low customer ratings. That’s because they’re tracking the wrong data. Your employees are your best assets, and consequently, their morale changes the external perception and the quality of your company. Indeed, companies that don’t look after their staff suffer from a high turnover rate, which impacts the customer relationship. Ultimately, measuring business happiness is the only valuable index of business success.

From marketing to business management, your data tells your story. It’s up to you to read between the lines and focus on the meaningful elements of the story.

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