Windows Shortcut Keys

Windows Shortcut Keys

Here’s a few handy shortcuts that people may find useful – especially [Windows Key] + [D] for hiding all those dodgy websites instantly when your boss wanders over!

[Windows Key] + M = Minimise all Windows
[Windows Key] + [Shift] + M = Maximise all Windows
[Windows Key] + [D] = Show Desktop
[Windows Key] + [E] = Open My Computer
[Windows Key] + [F] = Find Files or Folders
[CTRL] + [Windows Key] + [F] = Find Computers
[Windows Key] + [L] = Lock the Computer
[Windows Key] + [R] = Run Prompt

I know most people will know these but it’s a handy reminder for me being the girl with a memory like a seive…

Now what was I supposed to be doing again? cheeky tongue

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